Thursday, June 25, 2009

To the reader ...:

Please think of what I'm doing as saving you time.

That is, if we are like-minded (which should be easy enough to figure out by perusing posts in this blog), and you don't have the time to sort through a bunch of information sources, I'm like one of your "Reader's Digest" feeds. As are, I should say, much of the information sites I provide links to, as well. The Internet makes it possible for interconnections the likes of which never existed before.

Indeed, we are today in a race - between our using the Internet to put the "by/of/for the people" part back into government, and losing this capability at the hands of those who wish to take it away from us.

If you've been following world events for any period of time, you'll have noticed that our information supply, the so-called mainstream media ("msm'), has been duping us on some very serious things, foremost of which is the military invasion of the Middle East. While their (very profitable) crusade (for Israel's security, the Military-Industrial-Complex and some greedy and unscrupulous people) was going on, their friends on Wall Street were busy emptying our pockets through a hole they dug under the very laws written to keep them from doing what they then proceeded to do.

I'm trying to save you from spending time ferreting out important information (which somehow - magically - manages to evade the msm's - and theremore most peoples - attention) because these "other sides of the story" are important for you to know when forming an opinion. American opinions (see Pew Research) for studies testifying to the efficacy of the propaganda machine.

It's our good (or mis- ?) fortune to have some really big issues going on in the world today. You should keep yourself well informed (basically knowing both sides of at least the major issues of our time) because big changes are going on that will affect your children and theirs greatly.

On this blog, I'll present links to articles I come across of the greatest interest for the day. I spend time that someone else might spend on a hobby. I guess that makes it hobby, doesn't it? Certainly I'm not in it for the money.

I have been using spare time to researching things that interest me, and I just couldn't help but take notice of current events and wonder how it all came to this. You've heard the "when I was a kid ..." stories, I'm sure. I've got a few too, having spent my youth in the 50's and 60's.

I'm (recently, having only recently discovered him via some Internet excursion), I've become an instant fan of Thomas Paine. He's right up there as a thinker/wordsmith in his field, politics, as Carl Jung is to psychology. The precision of thought and the clarity of their presentations are awesome and inspiring.

Things are very busy around here (I, but I am committed to sticking with this "blog project". I have things on my mind that I feel need saying. Turns out I'm in luck because a growing number of talented, thoughtful, skilled people are writing more and more along the same lines as I would write. So, I'll save us all time by providing you with links to what they are writing, instead of writing essentially the same thing.

There are occasions where I will intersperse my thoughts with links, but with so much excellent material out there already, I'm thinking not to bother re-inventing wheels. It's more efficient just to cull and promulgate the links.

Years ago, working at Prodigy, I prophethized a "new breed of editors" would emerge in the online world we were creating for the 1st time (before AOL and the Internet redefined the online world, so far for the better). It was easy to foresee these editors becoming a challenge to the big media barons, but right now nobody has any idea at all as to the future (read: privacy) of the online world.

Bill Arnold

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