Saturday, December 21, 2013

Obama and the economy

Please see The Incredible, Shrinking Presidency of Barack Obama by Mike Whitney

"Everything has gotten worse under Obama. Everything. And, not once, in his five years as president, has this gifted and charismatic leader ever lifted a finger to help the millions of people who supported him, who believed in him, and who voted him into office."


Friday, December 20, 2013

Snowden and snooping

Please see Snowden and snooping by Chas Freeman

"Mr. Snowden justifies his flight abroad on the grounds that, had he remained within the jurisdiction of the United States, he could not have had a fair trial, would very likely have been subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, and would have been isolated and silenced to avert informed debate by Americans about the public policy issues his revelations raise. Not so very long ago – let’s say in the time of Daniel Ellsberg – it would have been fairly easy to show that such fears were groundless. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Mr. Snowden has been driven to ground in Russia, a country with an incomparably worse record of lawlessness than ours that he never intended to visit, let alone reside in. If he tries to go elsewhere, he will be hunted down and made to disappear."

Another quote:

"What is not in doubt is that there has been a massive, ongoing failure by our government to conduct its intelligence activities in a manner supportive of our liberties and our alliances with foreign nations. Both oversight and management of intelligence collection programs need urgent corrective surgery. And it is time for a major pruning of the jungle of surveillance programs that national hysteria about terrorism, essentially limitless funding, and burgeoning technical capabilities have combined to produce."

It is only because the Internet exists that we have access to the better thinkers of our time, of which Chas Freeman is clearly one. As you may know preserving the Internet as it is will be very difficult. Please see The End of Free Internet as We Know It? By Timothy Karr


Monday, December 16, 2013

Carl Sagan interview

Please see this clip from Carl Sagan's last interview His Last Interview, He Made A Warning That Gives Me Goosebumps. by Rajiv Narayan

"Carl Sagan inspired a generation of scientists with his work in and out of the classroom. But he didn't always present science with cheer. In this clip, he passionately defends science with a grave warning. It's something we all need to hear."


Saturday, December 14, 2013

China, a land of opportunity

The Blob Hits China by Robert Hunziker

In this very interesting and informative article, Mr. Munziker presents an image of China that certainly extended my knowledge of the causes and consequences of pollution in China. Indeed.

Yet another world killer! God, there must be 10 of them by now. Is it me, the biases at the top of the MSM and their alter egos in the alternative media, or are these reports "the way it is" and we have to individually sort it out?

Well, despite all of the most imminent threats to civilization, we're still here.

Back to this article: as well written as it is, it misses a high note: it describes a collection of clearly defined opportunities!

Capitalism sure has it's warts, but one of it's good parts is that it breeds people who think, have ideas, and can find ways to fund at least some of the good ones. How hard do you think it would be to match up the challenges described in this article with ideas and businesses (and jobs) to provide the solutions?

Let's see: how many factories and jobs would it take to build enough solar panels, windmills and hydro-electric plants in China to bring down the number of fossil fuel power sources?

I'm not saying this is *the* idea, but I am saying that at least one person has an even better one. Let capitalism get some respect back by taking on this and the other pollution problems in China and elsewhere.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Noteworthy articles

I've limited my attempts at original writing here, simply because there are better informed, educated and talented people writing exactly my sentiments, so my job is made considerably easier by simply reading what they have to say, and when I read something that's particularly relevant or important I will make an effort to quote and link to them here.

Today's examples include these 2 articles:

They Died for Nothing
by Sheldon Richman

"What this means is that the sacrifices of America’s military personnel — not to mention the warcrimes committed against the Afghan people — were for no good reason whatever. It would be wrong, however, to say they were for no reason at all. Many Americans in and out of government have garnered immense wealth and power thanks to U.S. policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. War is a racket."

Terrorism 101 by Philip Giraldi

"Osama bin Laden once stated his intention to use the terrorism threat to bankrupt the United States and the evidence is that he may have succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. The cost of Homeland Security, to include the portion of defense and security budgets that are dedicated to counter-terrorism, is immense possibly approaching as much as one trillion dollars a year if state and local initiatives are included in the tally. Against that, only seventeen Americans were killed in terrorist incidents in 2011, most of which took place in war zones to include Afghanistan."


Saturday, November 16, 2013

People and Websites

I've long been wanting to refresh the list of websites/writers that I find honest, interesting and kept out of the mainstream.

Today, listening to Chris Hedges, who is one of my favorite modern thinkers, I was reminded of this desire, so I'll start it now and update it over time.

Truth Dig
Rolling Stone
AfPak daily brief

To be continued ...



Friday, November 15, 2013

A Trail of Tears

Please see A Trail of Tears by Ann Jones and Nick Turse

I'm posting this link because too few people read the Anti-War website carrying this article.

I can attest to the misery of war, having experienced it myself. It was many years ago now and the memories had dulled somewhat over time - until the invasion of the Middle East woke them up Big Time.

But try as I might to explain how terrible the state of war is to my family, friends and in writing to a group of programmers I've belonged to for many years, I failed miserably, and the "right wingers" (plants?) in the group drowned out every word I wrote until my words were overwhelmed and robbed of any value they were intended to convey. I was guilty of every anti-American cliche cast at such people at the time. I wasn't supporting the troops; I wasn't standing for our Great Country and it's Great Democracy and it's Great Freedoms that our enemies hated us for.

I could go on and on, because these "discussions" went on for a long period of time, until one day I realized I simply couldn't win the war of the words and the battle of the minds that I was engaged in. The MSM fed the war mongers with a never-ending stream of retorts to anything and everything folks like myself tried to say. Their clever phrases dis-empowered the likes of lesser trained debaters like myself until we were neutered and ineffective. So I walked away from the conversations, knowing what I knew to be true despite it all. I simply couldn't win, and every attempt drove me deeper into isolation from the groups I was engaged with. I became a loner, like so many others who share the experience.

Now that time has passed and the well written real-life accounts stack up, as this well articulated book by Ann Jones and Nick Turse, I feel vindicated at least to myself. Of course not a soul who argued so effectively against me at the time will now admit to having been so very wrong. Instead they are now enveloping us with smoke screens, one after the other, to move public attention away from the core issues such as the staggering failure of the invasion and the devastating impact it's had on our soldiers, our economy and our way of life.

And the worst part is that it's not over. It wouldn't be over until we recognize, acknowledge and defeat the evil of the underlying forces that beat the drums for war in the first place. Yes, I'm talking about the elephant in the living room: the Zionist fueled crusade to establish military authority in the Middle East and make their beloved Israel safe and secure on their terms. The will not accept any other authority, which by simple logical extension means they are determined to be the authority, but they don't say these words. Instead they make the case they are the victim and never the perpetrator. They've got all the arguments well developed, even justification for outright state sponsored murder. But what they couldn't avoid was the historical records of events in their wake, from the Neocon PNAC document to the Dancing Israelis to the murderous attack on an aid ship headed for Gaza to the filmed documentaries of the treatment of the Palestinians. The alternative media has a large accumulation of historical records that make it clear that Americans have been duped Big Time.

The Zionist project is a complete and utter failure. It has rained misery and despair on millions of people in the Middle East and America, all for the cause of achieving Israel's "security" (that is, domination).

Sure, the Zionists are not alone. They provided the rationale and the arguments, and found willing bedfellows among the rich, who own so much of America and who gain so much from the war machine and politics that go their way. They are scum and heartless bastards, all of them, and the depth of their depravity is still unknown but we're getting to watch it unfold as we speak. They learned well from Stalin and the Nazis, and they've brought that learning into the modern age with computer technology and modern weapons.

These and other arguments fell on deaf ears back in the days of the pump-up for the invasion, but now an historical record has been established, and some very intelligent and noble people are writing about what actually happened - and is happening. They cumulative evidence can no longer be ignored. Our only hope now is that enough people start listening to these alternate information sources before the warmongers make things much, much worse then they already are.

A turning point event that should - must - happen is the trial of Bush & Company for war crimes. Undoubtedly this trial will put the spotlight on the cast of protagonists in and behind that gang. Folks like Wolfowitz, who masterminded the plan from behind the scenes, and the MSM barons who orchestrated the brain-washing of the American people to support their agenda.



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Price of America Having the Greatest Military in the World? It's Destroying the Country by Nicolas J.S. Davies

Please read this outstanding overview of the absolute folly of believing the military approach to the world's problems is making the world a safer place.

This isn't the first article or author to attempt putting one's mind around this situation, but it's certainly one of the better attempts, and certainly worth your time to read and digest.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Are We Doing in Syria?

What Are We Doing in Syria?

I know, it looks like Russia's plan to move Syria's chemical weapons out of Syria will stop momentum towards the next invasion in the ME.

Nevertheless, the ME situation isn't defused. It's not over. The Neocon/PNAC mission to establish military authority in the ME remains the objective. If we're going to do anything about it, we have to understand what we're up against.

Despite having studied the ME situation extensively from a "truth seeker" perspective for too many years (my career as a systems analyst allows no choice), I've developed an understanding of the agenda and the forces at work, but I don't have the presentation skills to share this knowledge. Thus I can't contain my happiness with having found the likes of Andrew Bacevich and Phil Donahue who provide considerable insight in only a half hour.

If you care at all about what's happening to we Americans, please take 1/2 hour to listen to this interview.

Update: 9-14-13

For a clear description of America's problems in the ME, and the strategy being applied, please see
"The People Against the 800 Pound Gorilla" by Jean Bricmont and Diana Johnstone that concludes with:

"For now, the threat of war has been avoided, or at least “postponed”. Let us not forget that Iraq and Libya also gave up their weapons of mass destruction, only to be attacked later. Syria is likely to abandon its chemical weapons, but without any guarantee that the rebels, much less Israel, won’t retain such weapons. The popular mobilization against the war, probably the first one in history to stop a war before it starts, has been intense but may be short-lived. Those whose war plans have been interrupted can be expected to come up with new maneuvers to regain the initiative. These past days have given a glimpse of what can be accomplished when people wake up and say no to war. This must be an inspiration for continued efforts to make diplomacy prevail over bullying, and mutual disarmament over endless war. If people really want peace, it can be possible."


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bradley Manning

Statement on Verdict in Bradley Manning Court-Martial by Julian Assange

Bradley Manning is 1st an American Citizen and second a soldier. He should have been tried in a civilian court because - obviously - there is no way he could have received a fair trial by the military, the very organization his whistle-blowing exposed as a matter of his own conscience and for the sake of America and humanity.

It's we-the-people who should determine whether Bradley Manning was a criminal or a hero, and certainly not the very organization he exposed. Whistle-blowing cases can never be judged by those affected. That's common sense!

In America the military reports to civilian authority, not the other way around as it is in some countries. This means we get to give the military it's marching orders, albeit through our representatives, but orders nonetheless. In this case, there should be an order issued to turn Bradley Manning over to civilian authorities for trial.

Another possibility is that the military appeals court (presumably a more noble group) will acknowledge that he couldn't have gotten a fair trial by the military and throw it out.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Edward Snowden

As Review Continues, Snowden Still Stuck in Moscow Airport by Jason Ditz

If you're concerned about the state of affairs with America these days, you'll certainly be interested in the saga of Edward Snowden.

Here's what I think:

1. He can't get a fair trail in America. The Justice system is packed with political subservience to the ruling elite. If you need proof consider the difficulties Vincent Bugliosi is having bringing his crystal clear case against George W. Bush.

2. That leaves the U.N. and the International Criminal Court. I'm not sure which, and I'm definitely not promoting the "new world order", but it does seem that, in this case, the best venue for this trial is the world stage, since the behavior he exposed affects people around the world.

3. A trial is necessary to give Mr. Snowden his life back, which is the least he deserves for all he's done for us.

4. Above and beyond the fate of Mr. Snowden - as he would undoubtedly say himself - is the importance of the information he risked everything to share with us. Our privacy is a basic human right that isn't in the Bill of Rights because the authors could not possibly have foreseen the technological advances of modern times, else they certainly would have given the matter of privacy the attention it now requires. This is an extremely important issue to us, even if we don't fully realize it today.

Update: 8-1-13 Please, PLEASE read Snowden’s Father Calls Out Obama On Nuremberg Crimes by Kurt Nimmo which contains a letter from Edward Snowden's father to Obama. It's moving, compelling and is not available in the mainstream media ("Predictably, the corporate media, the official propaganda outlet for the establishment, has refused to post or publish an open letter sent to Obama by Lon Snowden, the father of Edward Snowden.")


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gay marriage, a smokescreen issue

Gay marriage is one of the "smokescreen issues" that is pushed in everyone's face by the propaganda machine aka mass media - our information supply - to divert attention from the really important issues.

The solution to this particular problem has been around since the idea of "civil unions" was conceived. A civil union approach could have been used to confer equal rights to gay people who want to marry, without tampering with the definition of marriage. If there are issues, resolve them.

But putting this issue to rest isn't the point at all. The objective is to keep the subject alive and ready to be popped into the news cycle on demand.

There's a pool of "smokescreen issues". Abortion is another. It's been decided that a woman is, and should be, in charge of her body. It's common sense. But again, a small number of people have decided this a compelling issue for all of mankind to argue endlessly over. Or, more specifically, to be thrown into the conversation to keep it from going in another direction.

This weeks examples of headlines that just happened to "fall through the cracks" while attention was shunted to smokescreen issues include what looks to me like the murder of Michael Hastings, and former US general James Cartwright being named in the Stuxnet leak inquiry.

As you may know, Michael Hastings was an investigative journalist. Can you imagine how chilling this is on the whole field of investigative journalism? Will Bill Moyers be next?

It's the headlines we're not seeing that talk about what's really wrong with America. The biggest injustice of all being the invasion of Iraq. Then comes the Wall Street barons who robbed us blind and plunged us into debt, the unbelievably large sinkhole called the MIC, the pitiful and declining state of health care, the complete loss of privacy and a foreign policy controlled by special interests that have parents sending their kids to kill and die for.

What we need, and can't implement fast enough, is election system reform. We've got to remove the big money from the equation. There are many people who care more about other people then a large salary and are smart/educated enough to get things done to mankind's betterment. These people exist and we need to build a path for them to get into office and truly represent us (what a breath of fresh air that will be!).

Then each of us wouldn't have to waste so many cycles thinking about these problems, only to rediscover being helpless to do anything about it. The answers to some of the biggest problems come easily when human decency and common sense are applied. We've been duped by suits with silver tongues who lack the human decency part. Just look at the current state of issues that are really important today. The invasion of the Middle East is about to enter its next phase, perhaps in Syria, but any country will do to keep the mission alive. If you could ask the people pulling the military strings whether they would ever consider the invasion of the Middle East as yet another defeat, this one larger then Vietnam because this one bites back, and they will shout you right down. Yet consider what's been achieved for all that blood, suffering and destruction. And now Bush is going around giving speeches? Read Vincent Bugliosi's book for what we need to happen.

For an interesting view on our information supply, see this video based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave — how human perception of reality is manipulated by others.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Is It Wrong to Skip the Commercials?

Is it ethical to DVR a TV show and then fast-forward through all the commercials while watching it? G.G., LOS ANGELES

Dumb question, but it does remind me of a theory I think we should be thinking about: that advertising should never be in our faces, and ESPECIALLY TV advertising, which I will assume you know what I'm talking about without further description.

How should advertising work? I think it should all be in a giant database that we can query when we want to research or buy something. Yes, that would turn in-our-face advertising inside out. Good.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The 4 Plagues ... then, fix the Election System!

The 4 Plagues: Getting a Handle on the Coming Apocalypse By Don Hazen

"In an environment of confusion and despair, it helps to understand the forces at play, how they operate, and why they feel so overwhelming."

This article is a very thoughtful and compelling summary of America's plight. It should be read by all Americans.


"Many people are mystified as to the specific causes of their fears, with a mass media system that constantly broadcasts propaganda about how great America is and a new digital media system that may be exacerbating the problems for a society under immense and unprecedented duress."


"Virtually every problem we face has gotten worse over the past 40 years, and heavily sped up since 9/11 and the economic crash of 2007."


"The statistics are quite shocking. The poor are suffering—more than 46 million Americans live at or below the poverty level, ..."


"Almost half of middle-class workers, 49 percent, will be poor or near poor in retirement, living on a food budget of about $5 a day.”"


"On the other hand, no one could have predicted Occupy. Is there another upheaval waiting to explode?"

I think that the Occupy movement withered for a few reasons, must mostly because the movement didn't focus on one issue.

And there IS such an issue that is worthy of our concentrated attention: election system reform.

We can use computer technology and the Internet to find and elect the right people, and they in turn will intelligently fix what's broken.

We can (must!) use what's left of our democracy to replace the shills now occupying so much of government. By removing the big money we remove the corrupting influence. This opens the doors for educated, smart, capable and well-meaning, public-service minded people to occupy these offices. There are many good people out there who are not corrupted or beholden to special interests who would take office if given the chance and a respectable paycheck.

But let's get the process straight this time. The election process must begin with identifying the issues, not the candidates. We've been force fed the issues for so long now that we don't even realize it's been working that way.

Therefore the first task of our new system will be to help us develop the list of issues. Then, as this list takes form, candidates are invited to state their positions on each of the issues (think "spreadsheet").

Candidates for elected positions can load up their online profiles with videos of their speeches, links to articles they've written, and if they've held office, their voting record, etc. With this information accessible through our voting program, we can hone in on our real favorites and vote them into office.

Perhaps before too long it will be possible for us to use a program such as IBM's Watson to help us match our positions on the issues with those of the candidates running for the office, but let's get started with a basic apparatus. This is a perfect application for an Open Source development project, where programmers around the world share and improve the code. The program would then be shared by any country wishing to use it.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Afghanistan, ... more

Afghanistan: Is It Really the End Game? by Conn Hallinan

"With the exception of the current U.S. commander in Afghanistan, virtually everyone has concluded that the war has been a disaster for all involved."

One more giant disaster in the wake of America having been duped into invading the Middle East at the behest of interests certainly not American. Greedy politicians, "war is a racket" lunatic warmongers, morally bankrupt Wall Street and the totally misguided Zionists have not only broken our world but still have us duped about it - as they pull us by the noses into still more - and very likely much greater destruction then we have ever known.

You, I, none of us - cannot enjoy the fruits of our labor and live a good life while so many millions of people around the world hate us for what's been done - and is being done - to them in our name. And every time they look up in the sky to see one or "our" killer drones flying around and ready to murder them for hating us, they hate us more.


The only possible explanation for this behavior is the people behind it truly believe that might is right and their God is bigger and badder then their enemies God. Why haven't these people read Thomas Paine, or at least the "You must not murder" order in their own Ten Commandments?

Nah, none of this matters to these people. Only power, money and more power and more money matters. It simply doesn't matter how many people they have to kill and put down in all the ways man can be evil to man, just as long as they wind up with the power and the money all is well.

And, worst case, they lose their bid for military authority in the Middle East, and that brings about terrible consequences for you and I, they will not be bothered by any of it. While our lives will be damaged or destroyed, they'll simply whisk away in their helicopters to luxurious retreats long at the ready.

These "might is right" people believe that the best defense is an offense, which is why they are working on getting a war started with the next county on their list, perhaps Syria. They still have their hands in our pockets funding their invasion, and they will spend our children's lives and our money until every last ounce of blood and nickel is spent on their ill-fated, stupid, bloody crusade.

Make no mistake about it: the people who pulled all the strings to dupe America into invading the Middle East are evil. There is no goodness, no heart, no conscience, no kindness, no guilt, no love coming from any of them to any of us.

Yet we let them continue to rule us. How is this possible? How is it accomplished? It's actually easy: by controlling our information supply, our Congress, our election system and our justice system they've seized control of our country, effectively.

I'll elaborate elsewhere, but I'm committed to designing an election system that will remove them from power (in a nutshell). I don't see any other way, and I fear if we wait too long they will eventually bring all the hatred they've created down on us.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Washington gets explicit: its 'war on terror' is permanent

Washington gets explicit: its 'war on terror' is permanent by Glenn Greenwald

I've quoted a lot from this article because I can't say these things better then Glenn Greenwald, but these are only tidbits. Please read the whole article for a fuller sense of what he's saying.

"That the Obama administration is now repeatedly declaring that the "war on terror" will last at least another decade (or two) is vastly more significant than all three of this week's big media controversies (Benghazi, IRS, and AP/DOJ) combined.


It is hard to resist the conclusion that this war has no purpose other than its own eternal perpetuation. This war is not a means to any end but rather is the end in itself. Not only is it the end itself, but it is also its own fuel: it is precisely this endless war - justified in the name of stopping the threat of terrorism - that is the single greatest cause of that threat.


The genius of America's endless war machine is that, learning from the unplesantness of the Vietnam war protests, it has rendered the costs of war largely invisible.


Though rarely visible, the costs are nonetheless gargantuan. Just in financial terms, as Americans are told they must sacrifice Social Security and Medicare benefits and place their children in a crumbling educational system, the Pentagon remains the world's largest employer ...


This war will end only once Americans realize the vast and multi-faceted costs they are bearing so that the nation's political elites can be empowered and its oligarchs can further prosper. But Washington clearly has no fear that such realizations are imminent.


Nobody really even knows with whom the US is at war, or where. Everyone just knows that it is vital that it continue in unlimited form indefinitely.


The key lesson from all of this should have been learned long ago: nothing is less reliable than unchecked claims from political officials that their secret conduct is justified by National Security Threats and the desire to Keep Us Safe."


Thursday, May 16, 2013

How the US Turned Three Pacifists into Violent Terrorists

How the US Turned Three Pacifists into Violent Terrorists by Fran Quigley

You just can't make this stuff up.

Where is the outcry? These people acted heroically on our behalf - and we're sitting silently while they are sent to prison for the rest of their lives. Is this possible? Am I dreaming, and this is just another PTSD nightmare?

That the MSM has no interest in helping these people is just further evidence - if any were needed - of their collusion with the same alien forces that have seized control of our systems.

Aliens are entities that look and talk like us, but aren't us. They don't represent us, but they sure do rule us. And as I have observed over the six and a half decades of my life, incrementally, like a drip-drip, seized one power after another, crippling the essential ingredients of our Constitution and even using it against us, while they gain money, power and influence over our world.

Systems is a better word then government because these forces control so much more then just government - they control other major systems, our information supply at the top. They decide the issues we'll talk about and those we don't. Bush and his gang aren't put on trial for war crimes because that's not an issue, according to the same MSM that programmed the people to invade Iraq.

There is no outcry, just silence, on a matter of such huge importance: the terrible, terrible, horrible weapons themselves. We have the biggest pile on Earth, and the whole pile keeps growing. We live in a world today that makes Dr. Strangelove a minor effort to describe.

These folks gave their lives, effectively, to try and stop this madness. And we watch them silently being hauled off to jail, to die there.

I think the control that's being exercised here has been building for such a long time that we've become numb to it. Take the Cuban missile crisis, from when I was a teenager. I bet I've read at least ten thousand mentions/articles/references to this one event over the years since. How many times do you have to tell people that we were an inch from oblivion until they accept that we've done it, we'll do it again, and that's it's part of the human condition.

Wake up people. An authoritarian society is the opposite of a free society. You can't have it both ways.

Yet we do know that, and we keep watching the powers that be as they grab still more power, wondering if there is any limit to their appetite. That's been said before, hasn't it?

Where is our support for these people?

What I hear is the sound of apathy. People read their newspapers, they listen to the radio and watch the TV do get their information. Later, in discussions, if any, they will quote their MSM source with pride, as if knowing what the MSM is saying making them well informed, which in turn recruits them into the propaganda machine, and so it goes, round and round.

There is something we can do: install a taxpayer funded Internet based election system. I can see how to do it effectively and securely, but what I really hope for is someone with a better design. The objective is to seek out and elect intelligent, educated people to represent us fairly. We've gotten so far from this objective that only the blind can't see it.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The View From Abroad

The View From Abroad by Fred Reed

In case you haven't wondered what the rest of the world thinks about America these days ...

"The United States is the most hated country in the world, followed closely by Israel, and then by nobody. Why? Why not Ecuador? China? Russia? East Timor? The hostility puzzles many Americans, who genuinely believe their country to be a force for good, a pillar of democracy, a defender of human rights.

To the rest of the world, none of this is even close."


Monday, March 11, 2013

The Crucifixion of Tomas Young

The Crucifixion of Tomas Young By Chris Hedges

"Young will die for our sins. He will die for a war that should never have been fought. He will die for the lies of politicians. He will die for war profiteers. He will die for the careers of generals. He will die for a cheerleader press. He will die for a complacent public that made war possible. He bore all this upon his body. He was crucified. And there are hundreds of thousands of other crucified bodies like his in Baghdad and Kandahar and Peshawar and Walter Reed medical center. Mangled bodies and corpses, broken dreams, unending grief, betrayal, corporate profit, these are the true products of war. Tomas Young is the face of war they do not want you to see."


Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Worst Mistake in U.S. History

The Worst Mistake in U.S. History -- America Will Never Recover from Bush's Great Foreign Policy Disaster By Peter Van Buren

Somehow, despite the fact that this is a very well written article by a very knowledgeable person, it falls short of nailing his thesis. He should talk with Phil Donahue and take a look at the Lobby.

He should find a way to summarize what Nick Turse describes, and I stand witness to.

And Bradley Manning case going on now exemplifies how easily it is for evil to beat the shit out of good.

And maybe the title should include the word Justice. Good ol' Justice. What happened to it? Justice was as American as apple pie when I grew up. Now its a word nobody even uses. The travesty of justice that was Bush, Cheney and the neocons invasion of the middle east, in a nutshell, destroyed and obliterated this country's notion of justice - so much so that nobody talks about it anymore. As recently as Nixon we thought we were taught a lesson in how justice will in the end prevail. Was it really another charade, and Nixon's removal from office was not really an eruption of justice after all, just the sword of Brutus?

We have the facts now. The story of Building 7 is by itself a vein of golden information Read all about it. Combine this with the story of the "dancing Israeli's" and it becomes a fact that some people knew of the attack in advance. Is there more evil to be uncovered there?

Combine these facts, put them together, and what do you see? What I see is a force of evil pushing aside my notion of good. I see justice trampled more rapidly in this generation then all preceding. I see tools and weapons with incredible power in the hands of evil people.

The biggest tool the force of good has going for it is the facts. We're sitting today on a veritable mountain of facts that support the argument against evil. What we're missing is people like Mr Van Buren, with his thinking and writing skills to bring all of the important facts together on one page with just the right title. I can't do it, or I would have, but I see people with his skill not hitting the high note and I just wish he or someone else of his caliber would!

And we do have the facts. The Internet is so vast, and growing, that it defies description. With practice, clear thinking and a mission, it's possible to navigate through this ocean of knowledge to find islands of data relevant to a particular subject. We all have the capability to study any particular subject and learn more about it then mankind ever had. Throughout history people were educated in ways that are quaint when compared to what's available to a person connected to the Internet. We're talking orders of magnitude and a need for words that don't come easily to mind. Here in the space of this post, I've included links to some very important facts. Don't believe them? Keep an open mind and do more searching. If you don't believe the neocons even exist, do some googling. Try 'neocon videos' if you don't like to read, some people have put the time and effort into creating videos that you can watch in your leisure. And you can always turn to books.

Jung's brilliant analysis of the opposites in human nature explains how and why forces such as good and evil exist. I have no doubt he himself was inclined to the good, but I think even he left it to poets and philosophers to describe how and why good must prevail. We need someone now, a Kennedy type, to lead, and we need it now. The forces of good are being stricken down around around us on a daily basis. Not a day goes by without another attack on good people. Be it a new security clampdown, more economic woes, more war, more enemies, more killing, more distrust, more lies, etc. Because they control our information supply they get to set the frame of reference, telling us what's important and what's not. Look at all the ink about Iran for just one example of how it works.

And all the while those with the power have tools and weapons that grow bigger by the day.

God help us.


Monday, March 4, 2013

Bradley Manning: The Face of Heroism

Bradley Manning: The Face of Heroism By Glenn Greenwald

"In December, 2011, I wrote an Op-Ed in the Guardian arguing that if Bradley Manning did what he is accused of doing, then he is a consummate hero, and deserves a medal and our collective gratitude, not decades in prison"

I hope you're following this trial. As important (and a true hero) that Bradley Manning is, what's really on trial here is transparency in government and the fate of people who decide to be whistle blowers when confronted with the situation Bradley Manning discovered he was in.

You might want to recall Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, because that event was remarkably similar to this, yet Ellsberg was treated as a hero in his day and never brought to trial for basically the same reason Bradley Manning is on trial today. Why is this? For some insight, click here. You can also google "ellsberg manning" for much, much more on this subject.

Aside: we should be so appreciative for the Internet! Let's use it to put the pieces together and sort out the terrible situation we're in, the lousy road we're on, and how we're going to solve these problems. I truly believe the heart of the solution is to update our election system with modern capabilities. As a long time computer systems person I can see how it should work, but I would love nothing more than to be bested by an even better solution.

Update: Please see Glenn Greenwald: Why the Obama Administration's Persecution of Bradley Manning Should Terrify Us All By Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald


How the World Forgot About Iraq

How the World Forgot About Iraq by PATRICK COCKBURN

This report provides insight into the state of Iraq today. America should be so ashamed and humbled by what was wrought on that country in our name.

Jumping ahead to a conclusion: at the very top of the list of corrective actions we so badly need to undertake is the prosecution of Bush and the neocon gang for war crimes.

Why is this so important that it should be job # 1 for America? Because the invasion of Iraq represents the corruption of justice at the highest level of our being, and without justice we have nothing.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guilt, Not PTSD, Is What Afflicts Iraq War Veterans

Guilt, Not PTSD, Is What Afflicts Iraq War Veterans by Jacob G. Hornberger

I'm sure there are several good solutions to the underlying problem, but the one that I believe will work is to take the money out of the election system (by moving it to the Internet in a grand way). If we do this we can then elect people who are more concerned with justice then the bidding of their benefactors.

Update, from The Battle Still Rages Over What Vietnam Means by JOHN GRANT

"The elephant in the room no one seemed willing to recognize was the idea of moral damage. Asking bright, strong young men like Hunt to fight wars like Iraq and Afghanistan — and Vietnam before that — can be like luring an unsuspecting animal into a trap. The bait is the powerful call to do something good for your country, to sacrifice for a larger purpose. The trap, of course, is the fact wars like Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam are never what the drumbeat of homefront-oriented propaganda says they are.

For the Claude Rains character in Casablanca an expression of shock that there is gambling going on at Rick’s nightclub is an ironic joke on the French officer’s corruption. But for some young Americans, the discovery that there is dissimulation in the corridors of power in Washington — that the war he or she has been sent to sacrifice in is not what it was billed to be — is a true shock to the moral system they may be unable to accommodate or escape."

Just What Do Hedge Fund Honchos Do For a Million Bucks an Hour? by Joshua Holland

"For example, while the top movie stars averaged about $21,000 per hour, (which is nothing to sneeze at), the top hedge fund guys averaged a whopping $843,000 per hour. It was a revelation."

It's long been a curiosity to me as to exactly what hedge fund managers actually do. In this article, and his book, Joshua Holland explains it in such a way that I can understand. Highly recommended reading.


Friday, January 18, 2013

Noam Chomsky on American Empire

7 Brilliant Insights from Noam Chomsky on American Empire By Laura Gottesdiener

To which, a reader 'Moszep' replies:

"The main thrust of the article-i.e. issues with American hegemony- is Chomsky at his best. He accurately argues how these serious issues that have driven much recent history. It should be noted that under the heading of Globalization he points out that it is not just the American government pushing for this. I think many people overlook this to rationalize anti-American rhetoric.

I would like to hear what solutions Chomsky offers?

Better still, I would like to hear what solutions readers here have to offer. How do we change this world for the better? What realistic, viable, sustainable solution do we have?"

And I reply to him:

The solution, when you think it through, is to remove money from the election process. This way we can elect people who actually do represent us and our attitude about the world around us. Believe it or not, the majority of people (anywhere) are "builders", while those with the power today are "destroyers" (people are one or the other: C. G. Jung). This is a fundamental difference in attitude between the American people and it's rulers. It must be reversed and control over our country and our destiny must be returned to the people - before it's too late. We are on a trajectory today that is going where none of us want to go. Only destroyers want to stay the course. Time and time again the majority of people have said they don't want war, but they send their children to battle anyway. We can't openly rebel because they'll jail us all,but we can vote them out by fixing the election system. Do it as a world-wide open source software project, bringing the smartest programmers together to solve the relatively few vexing problems involved with setting up, operating, protecting and overseeing the system. The software would be the property of the UN, and individual countries can use it or not.

[ed note: I wrote this in 10 minutes because right now I'm too busy to spend the hours it would take to write it better, and I just never seem to find that much extra time; so I decided to just type the chain of thoughts, to at least contribute something. Maybe someone will have a thought that will lead to a thought, etc. Maybe not.


She survived Hitler and wants to warn America

She survived Hitler and wants to warn America by Rob Kerby

This very moving article may well be disinformation:

“Then they took our guns

“Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long afterwards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily."

Touching testimony, but why would it include a serious distortion, if not outright lie? See this article on the 1st point quoted:

Gun Control in Germany, 1928-1945 by William L. Pierce

What do you think?

“Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria. Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism. Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.”

This is my eye-witness account."

On the creeping gradualism, I think we're in full swing, and repeating something typically takes a fraction of the time it took to do it the first time.

From today's news, another example of the creep: cars requiring black boxes.

This is one more significant privacy invasion. Unfortunately it joins a long and growing list. At what point are we totally controlled?


Related, I think, is this article on "preppers":

50 Shocking Questions That You Should Ask To Anyone That Is Not A Prepper Yet by Michael Snyder

He basically uses facts to paint a picture of how America is falling apart at the seams, and prepping makes a lot of sense.

Could it be these articles are related in the sense that with all of the problems on this list - and some really big ones not mentioned - would we, in this day and age, let a dictator in to solve them? 98% of Austrians voted Hitler in. Certainly is a lesson there.


Monday, January 14, 2013

al Mechka, al Gotcha, etc

In an interesting article about withdrawal from Afghanistan is this mention of a very commonly held belief:

"One of the preeminent fears that the U.S. and other Western countries have is the possible return of an al Qaeda safe haven"

Let's look at this from another angle: suppose a new, or 10 new, organizations emerged, with names like al Mechka, al Gotcha, etc., for the purpose of disappearing the name al Qaeda. Nothing else changes, just the name.

I could write on and on about this concept, but it's not necessary: the light bulb has been lit, and the writing is on the wall.

That such a simple concept has completely escaped the great thinkers who have led this country into one invasion after the other to rid the world of al Qaeda says a whole lot about their sanity.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Allocate Your Time, and Your Effort by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

"The rules changed when I started my own business over seven years ago. I realized that doing A-work in everything limited my success. At that point I realized that I needed to focus more on my strengths. As Tom Rath wisely explains in his StrengthsFinder books, you can achieve more success by fully leveraging your strengths instead of constantly trying to shore up your weaknesses. Realizing the importance of purposely deciding where I will invest more time and energy to produce stellar quality work and where less-than-perfect execution has a bigger payoff has had a profound impact on my own approach to success and my ability to empower clients who feel overwhelmed."

An interesting perspective on time management.

The Internet, As Seen By High Schoolers by Bianca Bosker

Looks like Facebook has serious competition among teens with Tumblr.

Are Israel and the U.S. Becoming Fascist States? by Philip Giraldi

In a nutshell, the answer is "yes".