Friday, October 2, 2009

Bitter Fruits of Mideast Wars

Bitter Fruits of Mideast Wars by Patrick J. Buchanan

"Impending today are two of the most critical decisions Barack Obama will ever make, which may determine the fate of his presidency, as well as the future of the United States in the Near and Middle East. "

"The first is whether to approve Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s request for thousands more U.S. troops he says he needs to prevent "mission failure" — i.e, to stave off a U.S. defeat in Afghanistan. "

"The second is whether Obama will start up the road of "crippling sanctions" to war with Iran, to prevent Tehran from moving closer to a capacity to produce nuclear weapons. "

Please read the article for Buchanan's clear analysis.

Neocon Artist by Jeff Huber

"That Kagan, and by extension the entire neocon cabal, still has such influence is not only alarming, it is dangerous. Even worse is the manner in which the neocons have aligned themselves with the Pentagon in its power struggle with the Obama administration."

Marijuana in America: More Mainstream Than Ever, More Arrests Than Ever By Tony Newman

"You might be surprised to learn that in the United States more than 750,000 people are arrested every year on marijuana possession. In New York, under "moderate" Bloomberg, there were 40,000 pot arrests last year, and the city now has the unfortunate distinction of being the marijuana-arrest capital of the world."

"... In 2008, 87 percent of those charged with pot possession in New York were black or Latino"


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