Thursday, February 4, 2010

Will Obama Play the War Card?

Will Obama Play the War Card? by Patrick J. Buchanan

This is utter insanity!

Kissinger on Iraq By Barry Lando

"It is amazing how Henry Kissinger has been able to retain his aura of invincible genius in international relations, continuing to counsel presidents, foreign governments and major global businesses, while occasionally writing lofty Op Ed pieces advising the U.S. on what it should or should not be doing next. This mind you, despite Kissinger’s own history of monumental cynicism and duplicity when he was guiding foreign policy for President’s Nixon and Ford. Indeed, it’s a tribute to the ability of mainstream American media to forgive and forget."

I think it says a whole lot more about the "mainstream American media" then that!

Question for today: how long do you think it will be before Russian weapons appear in the hands of the Taliban? How long was it before American weapons were in their hands when the shoe was on the other foot? Any Russian Charlie Wilson's out there? Maybe a better phrasing would be "how many Russian Charlie Wilson's are there?"


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