Monday, November 15, 2010

The Evidence Is Overwhelming: We Aren't Getting Out of Afghanistan or Even Iraq

The Evidence Is Overwhelming: We Aren't Getting Out of Afghanistan or Even Iraq By Tom Engelhardt

"It looks and feels like the never-ending story, and yet, of course, the imperium is visibly fraying, while the burden of distant wars grows ever heavier. Those “embassies” are being built for the long haul, but a decade or two down the line, I wouldn’t want to put my money on what exactly they will represent, or what they could possibly hope to control."

Have you noticed that NOBODY is talking about those "embassies"? Why not? Because they aren't mentioned in the "news" - and our frame of reference is controlled by what the "news" says is important and what's not. This is a valid question, and an equally valid observation, yet because the scope of this proposition is so large, you can put it right into people's faces and they STILL wouldn't see it.

It is absolutely amazing - astounding - that we-the-people are allowing the warmongers to act as they have - and continue to - in our name. They tell us "this" and do "that" routinely.

TSA: Despite objections, all passengers must be screened

"In response to a video of a California man's dispute with airport security officials, the Transportation Security Administration said Monday it tries to be sensitive to individuals, but everyone getting on a flight must be screened."

The Origin of America’s Intellectual Vacuum By Chris Hedges

"Most of the professors ousted from universities never taught again. Radical and left-wing ideas were effectively stamped out. The purges, most carried out internally and away from public view, announced to everyone inside the universities that dissent was not protected. The confrontation of ideas was killed."

What Chris Hedges is talking about in this article is the origin of America's intellectual vacuum (as the title says!). If you've wondered what happened to the intellectuals in universities, here's your answer: they were purged.

Helen Thomas: ‘It Was a Sneak, Stealth Attack’ -Truthdig

"In this sit-down discussion with the Real News Network, Helen Thomas, deposed doyenne of the White House press corps, discusses her moment of infamy last spring that led to her resignation, claiming she didn’t know she was being interviewed at the time but standing by her controversial commentary about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Helen Thomas is high on my list of heroes. She had the tenacity, the nerve to actually speak the truth.

She's also a casualty of the Zionist led coupe d'etat that's been taking place in America for years now. Think about it. She got in their face - and they summarily canned her. Where were the protests? Not a word of support, yet I couldn't be more supportive. Now, either I'm that different then the ordinary American, or the ordinary American's voice is being filtered. I believe it's the latter - and I'm using this space to voice that information. In the information age, and the current coupe d'etat, our communications channels (the MSM) have been seized, lock, stock and barrel (Helen Thomas being a big chunk of evidence). Purchased or seized, when it comes to something like our information supply, our mindset, the things we think about and what we think about them, the result is the same. Our talking points agenda is established, and we either follow it or be declared "a loner" and a "a loser" - Helen Thomas' epitaph. Such, I fear, is also the epitaph for all of us who think for ourselves and outside of the Zionist-controlled box that is the American information supply.

Given the "thought control" nature of this attack on America, I will not assume you are really aware of what's happening behind the scenes, and the force of this influence cum control. If you goggle on "neocon video" you can watch the testimony of some independent thinkers - like Helen Thomas, who stood out, but is not alone. I, and all "seekers of truth" invite you to PLEASE peruse the mountain of material that's been put together on the Internet regarding this coupe.

I suspect - believe - it's only a matter of time before some national security excuse is used to seize control of the Internet. But until that happens, there are literally tons of information available on this subject for you to read and cross-check. I've been following this coupe for some 30 years now, and it's so big and in our face today that I find it astonishing so few people are doing anything about it. America today is not the America I thought it was growing up. It's very spirit has been seized.

It's too early to tell the fate of this coupe-in-motion. It is easy to see it growing in strength (witness recent elections). To my way of seeing it, they are getting bolder by the day, and the case of Helen Thomas is a very clear example.


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