Thursday, December 30, 2010

Former Congressman Paul Findley on Push for Iran War

Former Congressman Paul Findley on Push for Iran War

Begins with ...

"Recently, Senator Lindsey Graham said America should take “bold action” to “deal with Iran.” Graham asserted that if President Obama “decides to be tough with Iran beyond sanctions, I think he is going to feel a lot of Republican support … Containment [of Iran] is off the table.”

At the same time, Senator Joe Lieberman claimed that “there is a base, a broad bipartisan base of support [for military action against Iran] if the Commander in Chief comes to a point where he thinks that’s necessary.”

This saber-rattling foreign policy talk is fueling the push for a military confrontation with Iran. And make no mistake about it, the Israel Lobby is manipulating U.S. opinion makers, government leaders, and the American public into believing that a military face-off with Iran is the U.S. national interest, and indeed necessary.

This war talk is reverberating despite the disastrous results of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which was another agenda item of the Israel lobby.


War has always been a part of the Israel lobby’s strategy. Whether its own excursions into Lebanon or military actions by proxy—Iraq, Afghanistan, and perhaps now even Iran—the destabilization of the Middle East always seems to benefit Tel Aviv."


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