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You Want Revolution? First Break Up The MSM!

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"You Want Revolution? First Break Up The MSM!" Posted by David G


See Why Washington Clings to a Failed Middle East Strategy by Gareth Porter, in an excellent summation of affairs today, including this mention: "The costs of the illusory quest for dominance in the Middle East have been incalculable."

He's sooo right. All we have to do is think about it. It wasn't so much the neocon gang and their PNAC principles, an AIPAC controlled Congress or even the bankers, Wall Street and the MIC - it was the "news" that really did it. It functioned as a propaganda machine that duped America into betting our farm on their desire for military dominance in the ME.

We did have a major tip-off something was very wrong before the invasion was launched, when Phil Donahue was fired for asking too many questions. While there are countless tentacles to this control, that particular one should have stood out like a sore thumb, and it should have inspired a revolt. But, what actually happened - guess what - the event was snuffed by the "news". Surprise!

Now it's more then a decade later ... incalculable killing and destruction has already been wrought ... far more is coming ... millions of Americans are economically drained, not to mention a world suffering so badly ... while we defend and fight for a relative handful of people at the top, who won the monopoly game of capitalism and now have all the money and power it buys.

When you think about the next decade and what's to come under their rule, do you see a great victory, peace and prosperity, or are we looking at Big Time destruction and a real life Big Brother?

A question thoughtful people should be asking is: suppose we did want to revolt, exactly how would we do that? History has given us truly great people, and it just makes sense that some exist among us today. BUT, if every time a Phil Donahue stands up, he gets knocked down, then how could anyone lead the opposition?

I don't know the answer to that question, other then to point to the Internet and hope some genius figures out how to use it as an effective organizational tool before I do (fwiw, I am working on this problem as a software developer).

Thoughtful people should check (Google) their trusted "news" sources to see if they are Zionist controlled. It's easy enough with Google to read what people who have spent time researching this question have to say, and the evidence they submit. For instance, search "murdoch zionist". Then, with this knowledge, either ignore or watch knowing that it's propaganda, not "news" as you expected (and trusted, thinking "news" is a public trust).

We're not without representation though, thanks to what the Internet provides today, but until it eats the TV, it's a minor player in the "news" dept. Nevertheless, there are some really good alternate news websites that have been developed over the years. Here's a list of some I try to follow, time permitting.


Just started looking at. Not sure what it's about yet

I just can't bring myself to spend a minute with anything related to Fox and Murdoch, but I do check out a few sites that I think at least soft peddle the propaganda (but are that nonetheless).


I was very sad to add PBS to this list, after Bill Moyers was retired/removed



No sooner did I post the above then I went back to reading and found this gem:
The Mideast Burns by Eric Margolis

What makes it such a gem? In addition to his powerful message and clear assessment of the situation, compare what Eric saying with the MSM "news". Those are American tanks facing the people demanding democracy in Egypt. Do you see the "news" jumping up and down about this?

Eric goes on to say "The US media frame news of the regional intifada in terms of the faux war on terror, and a false choice between dictatorial "stability" and Islamic political extremism. Much of what’s happening is seen through Israel’s eyes, and is distorted. Burning Cairo should show how misguided we have been in our understanding of the Arab world."


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