Monday, April 4, 2011

2 more families who will never see their child again

Attack by enemy forces leaves 2 American soldiers dead in Iraq, US military says By Associated Press

You may have noticed this mention in the press this morning, or perhaps you're just immune and unaffected by it all so you just ignore these accounts. Or, perhaps, much much worse, you still cheer them on.

At this point, I'm convinced that only the hard-core Neocon supporters are still doing the cheering, while the vast majority of Americans are truly sick and disgusted by it all. I believe this fact is being buried by the "news" wing of the Neocon gang who continue to control our "news" and who frame the issues and decide what's important (headlines) and what's not (which is buried or ignored).

At this point, it's been well established that the invasion of Iraq was illegal, so why does it continue, and more importantly why are the perps of this monstrous crime still at large?

One thing is clear: there is absolutely no point in continuing the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. If we do nothing and the course of events continues without interruption, the day will come when the so-called Green Zone may as well be the Alamo, because it's fate will be sealed by Iraqi's, not Neocon mercenaries.

Get behind bringing justice to the Middle East by putting Bush and the Neocon gang on trial for mass murder and war crimes.

Sen. Graham Presses for Continued US Occupation of Iraq Insists Iraq Would 'Go to Hell' if Left Alone by Jason Ditz

Please see the reader comments to this article to get a sense of how people react when a Neocon gang member like Graham rants his shit.


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