Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Lie Behind the Afghan War

The Lie Behind the Afghan War By Robert Parry

"A recurring refrain about the Afghan War is that the United States must stay for the long haul now to avoid repeating the “mistake” made in 1989 when Soviet forces left and Americans supposedly disappeared, too. But this conventional wisdom, spread by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and others, is a lie, Robert Parry writes."

My own summation of Afghanistan is that when the military drawdown in Iraq occurred, the troops had to go somewhere. If they returned to the U.S., they would not have been sent back, so they were sent to Afghanistan to keep them "parked" for the next phase of the Zionist-heavy neocon's crusade to establish military authority in the Middle East for Israel's benefit.

NOBODY ever thought victory or anything like it is possible in Afghanistan, and NOBODY ever cared. The Afghanistan mission was never intended to accomplish anything other then to keep the American military in the area.

We don't know what the next phase of the neocon crusade will look like, simply because the catalyst that will drive it hasn't occurred yet.


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