Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Job # 1: election campaign reform

At some point the mission for the OWS movement will have to be clearly defined.

Supporters need to know exactly what they are supporting (they are totally tired of the BS propaganda machine), and the establishment needs to know exactly what defeated them.

It's gotta fit on a license plate, as has been said of movement anthems.

Can we distill the list of issues to one?


That single issue is election campaign reform.

By removing money from the process, which can be done (I'll explain my own design in a follow-up post, but I have no doubt there are other, better designs), we can replace the entire Washington establishment with knowledgeable and public service oriented people who truly represent the best interests of the people of this country. Without being beholden to this or that special interest, our representatives can actually represent our best interests. We need highly educated people because we need their knowledge. What we must divest ourselves of is the greedy special interests who planted their candidates (minions) in positions of power.

If Obama taught us anything, it's the degree to which politicians today can lie to get into office and bear no accountability nor suffer any consequences whatsoever for having done so. Bush brought this to new heights, but Obama put him to shame. The fact that he continues to live in the White House today is proof positive that he is the veritable poster child for this reality.

What we have today is alien to the spirit and letter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And it's getting worse, possibly headed to worse on a scale we can't even imagine. It's critically important to understand that they have the power today and they have no intention whatsoever of losing it. It things to get worse and they feel threatened with losing the power, they may very well launch what's left of it (actually, the worst of it, the Big Guns).

What is this power that they have and we must take away?

It's the power to have launched a military invasion of the Middle East for the purpose of seizing and establishing military authority in the region. This plan is being implemented by the Zionist soldiers and their hired hands in Washington and Wall Street. Perhaps you've seen or read of the death and destruction for so many innocent people they've caused so far. That's nothing compared to what will happen if the pull down the Big Guns.