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The invasion of the Middle East

People say we are so misled, and they are so right.

I follow some anti-war outlets, and while some writers there do "get it", most seem not to see or grasp the big picture. For example, today, after hearing reports of an Army Sgt going berserk in Afghanistan, there are loud cries from that corner to get our troops out of Afghanistan.

While that's all well and good, that we should get out of Afghanistan, it's alarming that so many anti-war people don't (or wouldn't?) see the big picture

What is the big picture?

It's that America launched an invasion of the Middle East, not any given country, but that region as a whole. It was launched at the behest of the Neocon gang in Washington, Wall Street and the MSM for selfish (not American) purposes.

The primary objective, from which they have never shrank with all the machinations,
was - and remains - to establish (military) authority in the region.

Once you see it this way, you understand why troops were sent to Afghanistan from Iraq in the 1st place. Afghanistan was and remains nothing more then a parking lot to keep the military presence in the area. This is why we've been there for a decade with no apparent mission. There was a reason, albeit unspoken. Had the withdrawal from Iraq resulted in our troops coming home, it would have signaled the end of their primary objective, because once the troops are out, that's the end of it, a la Vietnam. Such a move would have defeated their purpose for the invasion, so it didn't happen. Instead the troops have been moved to Afghanistan and other places in the area, pending the next phase of their plan.

Whether the next phase will be Syria, Iran, or pick some other country in the region, the one constant in the equation is that our military isn't leaving the Middle East. Having committed America to their plan in the first place, there are only two real possibilities remaining: victory or defeat.

If we leave in defeat, Israel - the protagonist - will be left hanging out, surrounded by millions of people who really, seriously hate them for how they behave relative to the Palestinians first, and the rest of the world second.

Apartheid is just a word, unless you are personally crushed by it. Ask the Palestinians.

We know from very intelligent people who have done their homework about the influence AIPAC has over our government. If you aren't sure, read Walt & Mersheimers book on the Israel Lobby. They are not alone. There are some highly intelligent and well informed people who have also examined AIPAC's influence and reinforced the message of this book.

What should be equally explored is the so-called mainstream media, our information supply, including Hollywood's movies, the TV "news" and other shows, and the newspapers people read to be informed about the world around them. It can be argued that AIPAC's control of Congress pales by comparison to the significant of their control of the editorial content of our information supply, including all of the above mediums.

This whole notion that Israel is our best friend - or friend at all - is nothing more or less then brainwashing. Mass hypnosis. The powerful effect of repeated lies that drill thoughts into the unconscious mind. The techniques are well known in Washington, Hollywood and Wall Street. Amazing that the technique works as well today as times past, given that at least some people are aware of it.

Think about just these two notions for a moment: (1) might is right, and (2) the ends justify the means.

What are your thoughts about these notions? Now ask yourself, seriously, why you respond as you do. Who taught you that?

The people with editorial control frame our world by planting "these ideas" instead of "those ideas". They say what's important and what's not, what is worth talking about and what's not.

They won majority support for their invasion, or so we're convinced (but who really knows?), and even today there are people who continue to believe even the most outrageous - and totally refuted - lies. There are flag-wavers still out there supporting and praying for our troops on their glorious mission - and much worse, parents sending their children to fight, kill and die - without really thinking about the mission. They have been taught to believe that we have some purpose in Afghanistan - other then it being a parking lot.

When I read the "news" (mainstream and alternative) today, I see cries for getting out of Afghanistan, and have to I shake my head in some disbelief, that people are focused on Afghanistan and not the real problem, which is that our Congress and our information supply have been seized by a gang who are more interested in Israel's interests then America's.

A question is how much longer the American people will continue to be so duped by agents of a foreign and hostile country.

What can you do? It's really not hard. We CAN change the world, if we want to. All we have to do is for each of us to protest in some fashion, no matter how small, perhaps write a blog, or talk with friends, neighbors and family members. It's not that you, I or any one person is going to make a difference, but if fifty or a hundred million people decide they've had enough, and they get out there and talk with others, it will be so.

What is it that are we really looking for?

I think first and foremost we need to live in a climate of justice. America has slide away from the notion of justice, a bit at a time over the years, and now we're staring at the abyss. The people with the power are actually holding buttons in their hands that can kill hundreds of millions of people. That power shouldn't even exist, more less be in the hands of the people who believe in preemptive war.

We must have justice at the top or we'll never have it at the bottom. Justice at the top means that Bush and the Neocon gang must be put on trial for war crimes. AIPAC needs to be registered as an agent of a foreign country and treated as such.

Foreign aid should consist of helping the suffering in the world. Stop selling and gives arms. Develop a plan to rid the world of the weapons of war. Let people who do a lot earn a lot, but with limits on the top and bottom of the economic ladder.

As we're told repeatedly, the rule of law must prevail. Of course, but of equal importance is the content of the law itself. There are many laws on the books today that serve special interests and must be purged so law can regain the respect it does deserve.

Our airwaves, our information supply, is a public trust. Taking this public trust back from the barons who own it today may seem to be a massive undertaking, but it's actually easy: don't buy their products. Don't read their newspapers or watch their TV shows, the "news" in particular. When you want news, information, education or advertising, turn to the Internet and the new breed of editors emerging that will point us to honest sites.

Take the money out of politics. Create an Internet based voting system using the "open source" programming concept to overcome the difficulties.

I've spent years writing and talking about these things. The primary focus of my attention has been the seizure of editorial control of our information supply. It's cost me friends and relatives, not to mention business. If I seem more alarmed today then in years past, it's because I see the invasion of the Middle East poised to escalate and the madness of it all - just gets uglier by the day.

I was born and raised a Catholic. I remember as a kid how dominant the Catholic Church was at the time, and I remember not liking it. But I also remember being High School with the Christian Brothers, who seriously turned my life around (I was a wayward teenager) and instilled what I think of as "basic Christian values", such as being my brother's keeper, and not the media hyped "end of times" nonsense. The whole notion of a religious right is an oxymoron, at least

Having said that, I've also read Carl Jung and Thomas Paine, notably because they argued so well, that there is a God, but organized religions are self-serving inventions of man. And like man, they emanate both good and evil. The Yin and Yang of it all is a human fundamental, but they are poised to get out of control, and we must calm them down, most immediately by not letting that war escalate. In the longer term, we've got to come to much betters with our nature so these eruptions cannot take the catastrophic turn we may well be facing today if we don't do something to stop it.

My favorite modern writers include Chris Hedges, Amy Goodwin, Glen Greenwald, Bill Moyers, Noam Chomsky, Philip Giraldi, Justin Rainmondo and, thankfully, a longer list of people I consider the truly great thinkers of our time.

Addendum: From Will Obama’s Wars Come Back to Bite Him?
by Andrew Levine:

"A war against Iran is on the agenda now for one reason only: because Israel wants it, and because what Israel wants, the Israel lobby does its best to make sure Israel gets. They usually succeed too, since they have almost the entire Congress and most of the institutions that shape public opinion in their pocket or, at least, on their side.


But whichever party the Israeli government prefers for the United States, the fact remains that their main motive is not to put someone even more subservient than Obama in the White House, but to put Iran down – not because an Iranian bomb, much less an Iranian capacity to build a bomb, poses an “existential threat” to Israel, no informed observer believes that, but because a nuclear Iran would hamper nuclear Israel’s capacity to do what it wants militarily in the region."


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