Tuesday, May 22, 2012

America’s idiot rich

From this excellent article by Alex Pareene, America’s idiot rich:

"The grotesque nature of our campaign finance system has effectively made economic populism impossible."

Perhaps this should have been the title of the article, because surely if we can re-build our election system than we wouldn't have the problem with the rich idiots Alex talks about.

Oh, and of course Alex is correct in calling them idiots. They are penny wise and pound foolish, short-sighted 5-year planners, spoiled, arrogant, mean-spirited and the worst people to be running our planet.

We've got to remove their power, and the answer is staring us right in the face: election campaign reform. Or, as I think about it: a new election system.

How would it work? First and foremost, there is no money involved. It's all about issues, people and putting the 2 together. Something this country hasn't been able to do for a very long time. You did notice that a large majority of American's don't want to be at war in the Middle East, didn't you? Well, if this is any kind of democracy or republic, wouldn't something most people clearly want be the law? Of course, unless you're Alice in Wonderland, or under the thumb of the duping machine, our so-called "mass media", which is really nothing less then a propaganda dispenser from our rulers dictum's into our lives, which goes on every single day for so long now that people take it for granted.

Second, people elected to office on promises must be held accountable, plain and simple, for their actions - and in-actions. No more lying to get elected, no more promises with no intention of fulfilling - with impunity. Base their salaries on performance and take the more egregious cases to civil or criminal court. This wouldn't scare away the honest people, it will attract them.

we can use so-called "open source" programming methodology to have contributors around the world help build a viable and bullet-proof system, so it cannot be compromised in any step of the process.

But we can't continue the status quo. The debt alone, not to mention the ongoing war, is killing this country. We desperately need people in office to do what we elect them to do, and we need this post haste.

We must end that criminal war. We must put the people guilty of pulling that invasion off off on trial for war crimes. Same for the criminals who robbed this country blind with their so-called derivatives, which was nothing more then a scheme to rob the American taxpayer of all that money. We must restore our sense of justice before it becomes a bygone memory.

But we can't run the country ourselves. We need professionals now more then ever, but we need professionals with ethics, morals and a true love for what America is supposed to be, and a proper respect for the rest of the world, and the people in it. We need leaders who are the opposite of the killers in Washington today.

Yes, killers. What else can you call people who order our young people to go to other countries and kill innocent people so they can have their way with that country? That's exactly what happened. We've been "spared" this point of view because the propaganda machine has gotten very good at exploiting how the human mind works. But it's wrong. You know it, and I know it.


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