Saturday, September 15, 2012

Revolution From Above

Revolution From Above by Paul Craig Roberts

"This chart shows where the median household income of the US Superpower, the “indispensable people,” stands at the culmination of 2011. Americans are as well off as they were in 1967-68. Most americans cannot pay for fighting multi-trillion dollar wars for 11 years, bailout trillions of dollars in uncovered casino bets by Wall Street, have their middle class jobs sent abroad by corporations, and still expect to have higher personal incomes.

(see chart in the article)

Apparently, Americans are the first people in history who are so idealistic, or so thoroughly brainwashed, that they prefer to pay for wars and bail out banks than to make their mortgage payments and help their children with student loan debt."

These few words "pay for wars and bail out banks" are monumental in size, scope and effect, yet many people I talk with can't seem to get their head around this simple to understand bottom line.


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