Thursday, October 25, 2012

Justice must be served. The starting point

U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes for Using 9/11 As a False Justification for the Iraq War by

"Given that Iraq had no connection with 9/11 and possessed no weapons of mass destruction, the Iraq war was a crime of aggression and – under the standards by which Nazi leaders were convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal – the American leaders who lied us into that war are guilty of war crimes."

Since 9-11, as every angle of that event has been examined by people of all sorts, the evidence is overwhelming as to the criminality of what happened.

But fine, not everyone will agree. Then let the trial settle it. Starting with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and, sadly, the otherwise good man Powell. As the plotters and executioners are revealed in testimony and evidence, they too deserve their day in court.

Justice must be served if we are going to restore confidence in America, here and abroad. This is the starting point.

Armed to the Teeth and Living in Fear by DAVE LINDORFF

"It’s that virtually the whole country is populated by adults who have been raised in a climate of fear by a media and a government that are hell-bent on scaring the shit out of everyone."

There are dots that can be connected between this article and the one above.

I agree word for word with what Dave Lindorff says. I would challenge him to include the thinking in the above post on justice. I think he'd have to agree that we need a turning point, a defining moment, and such a trial will give us that. We can then turn our attention to rebuilding this country with "justice and liberty for all".


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