Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Worst Mistake in U.S. History

The Worst Mistake in U.S. History -- America Will Never Recover from Bush's Great Foreign Policy Disaster By Peter Van Buren

Somehow, despite the fact that this is a very well written article by a very knowledgeable person, it falls short of nailing his thesis. He should talk with Phil Donahue and take a look at the Lobby.

He should find a way to summarize what Nick Turse describes, and I stand witness to.

And Bradley Manning case going on now exemplifies how easily it is for evil to beat the shit out of good.

And maybe the title should include the word Justice. Good ol' Justice. What happened to it? Justice was as American as apple pie when I grew up. Now its a word nobody even uses. The travesty of justice that was Bush, Cheney and the neocons invasion of the middle east, in a nutshell, destroyed and obliterated this country's notion of justice - so much so that nobody talks about it anymore. As recently as Nixon we thought we were taught a lesson in how justice will in the end prevail. Was it really another charade, and Nixon's removal from office was not really an eruption of justice after all, just the sword of Brutus?

We have the facts now. The story of Building 7 is by itself a vein of golden information Read all about it. Combine this with the story of the "dancing Israeli's" and it becomes a fact that some people knew of the attack in advance. Is there more evil to be uncovered there?

Combine these facts, put them together, and what do you see? What I see is a force of evil pushing aside my notion of good. I see justice trampled more rapidly in this generation then all preceding. I see tools and weapons with incredible power in the hands of evil people.

The biggest tool the force of good has going for it is the facts. We're sitting today on a veritable mountain of facts that support the argument against evil. What we're missing is people like Mr Van Buren, with his thinking and writing skills to bring all of the important facts together on one page with just the right title. I can't do it, or I would have, but I see people with his skill not hitting the high note and I just wish he or someone else of his caliber would!

And we do have the facts. The Internet is so vast, and growing, that it defies description. With practice, clear thinking and a mission, it's possible to navigate through this ocean of knowledge to find islands of data relevant to a particular subject. We all have the capability to study any particular subject and learn more about it then mankind ever had. Throughout history people were educated in ways that are quaint when compared to what's available to a person connected to the Internet. We're talking orders of magnitude and a need for words that don't come easily to mind. Here in the space of this post, I've included links to some very important facts. Don't believe them? Keep an open mind and do more searching. If you don't believe the neocons even exist, do some googling. Try 'neocon videos' if you don't like to read, some people have put the time and effort into creating videos that you can watch in your leisure. And you can always turn to books.

Jung's brilliant analysis of the opposites in human nature explains how and why forces such as good and evil exist. I have no doubt he himself was inclined to the good, but I think even he left it to poets and philosophers to describe how and why good must prevail. We need someone now, a Kennedy type, to lead, and we need it now. The forces of good are being stricken down around around us on a daily basis. Not a day goes by without another attack on good people. Be it a new security clampdown, more economic woes, more war, more enemies, more killing, more distrust, more lies, etc. Because they control our information supply they get to set the frame of reference, telling us what's important and what's not. Look at all the ink about Iran for just one example of how it works.

And all the while those with the power have tools and weapons that grow bigger by the day.

God help us.


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