Thursday, May 30, 2013

Afghanistan, ... more

Afghanistan: Is It Really the End Game? by Conn Hallinan

"With the exception of the current U.S. commander in Afghanistan, virtually everyone has concluded that the war has been a disaster for all involved."

One more giant disaster in the wake of America having been duped into invading the Middle East at the behest of interests certainly not American. Greedy politicians, "war is a racket" lunatic warmongers, morally bankrupt Wall Street and the totally misguided Zionists have not only broken our world but still have us duped about it - as they pull us by the noses into still more - and very likely much greater destruction then we have ever known.

You, I, none of us - cannot enjoy the fruits of our labor and live a good life while so many millions of people around the world hate us for what's been done - and is being done - to them in our name. And every time they look up in the sky to see one or "our" killer drones flying around and ready to murder them for hating us, they hate us more.


The only possible explanation for this behavior is the people behind it truly believe that might is right and their God is bigger and badder then their enemies God. Why haven't these people read Thomas Paine, or at least the "You must not murder" order in their own Ten Commandments?

Nah, none of this matters to these people. Only power, money and more power and more money matters. It simply doesn't matter how many people they have to kill and put down in all the ways man can be evil to man, just as long as they wind up with the power and the money all is well.

And, worst case, they lose their bid for military authority in the Middle East, and that brings about terrible consequences for you and I, they will not be bothered by any of it. While our lives will be damaged or destroyed, they'll simply whisk away in their helicopters to luxurious retreats long at the ready.

These "might is right" people believe that the best defense is an offense, which is why they are working on getting a war started with the next county on their list, perhaps Syria. They still have their hands in our pockets funding their invasion, and they will spend our children's lives and our money until every last ounce of blood and nickel is spent on their ill-fated, stupid, bloody crusade.

Make no mistake about it: the people who pulled all the strings to dupe America into invading the Middle East are evil. There is no goodness, no heart, no conscience, no kindness, no guilt, no love coming from any of them to any of us.

Yet we let them continue to rule us. How is this possible? How is it accomplished? It's actually easy: by controlling our information supply, our Congress, our election system and our justice system they've seized control of our country, effectively.

I'll elaborate elsewhere, but I'm committed to designing an election system that will remove them from power (in a nutshell). I don't see any other way, and I fear if we wait too long they will eventually bring all the hatred they've created down on us.


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