Friday, November 15, 2013

A Trail of Tears

Please see A Trail of Tears by Ann Jones and Nick Turse

I'm posting this link because too few people read the Anti-War website carrying this article.

I can attest to the misery of war, having experienced it myself. It was many years ago now and the memories had dulled somewhat over time - until the invasion of the Middle East woke them up Big Time.

But try as I might to explain how terrible the state of war is to my family, friends and in writing to a group of programmers I've belonged to for many years, I failed miserably, and the "right wingers" (plants?) in the group drowned out every word I wrote until my words were overwhelmed and robbed of any value they were intended to convey. I was guilty of every anti-American cliche cast at such people at the time. I wasn't supporting the troops; I wasn't standing for our Great Country and it's Great Democracy and it's Great Freedoms that our enemies hated us for.

I could go on and on, because these "discussions" went on for a long period of time, until one day I realized I simply couldn't win the war of the words and the battle of the minds that I was engaged in. The MSM fed the war mongers with a never-ending stream of retorts to anything and everything folks like myself tried to say. Their clever phrases dis-empowered the likes of lesser trained debaters like myself until we were neutered and ineffective. So I walked away from the conversations, knowing what I knew to be true despite it all. I simply couldn't win, and every attempt drove me deeper into isolation from the groups I was engaged with. I became a loner, like so many others who share the experience.

Now that time has passed and the well written real-life accounts stack up, as this well articulated book by Ann Jones and Nick Turse, I feel vindicated at least to myself. Of course not a soul who argued so effectively against me at the time will now admit to having been so very wrong. Instead they are now enveloping us with smoke screens, one after the other, to move public attention away from the core issues such as the staggering failure of the invasion and the devastating impact it's had on our soldiers, our economy and our way of life.

And the worst part is that it's not over. It wouldn't be over until we recognize, acknowledge and defeat the evil of the underlying forces that beat the drums for war in the first place. Yes, I'm talking about the elephant in the living room: the Zionist fueled crusade to establish military authority in the Middle East and make their beloved Israel safe and secure on their terms. The will not accept any other authority, which by simple logical extension means they are determined to be the authority, but they don't say these words. Instead they make the case they are the victim and never the perpetrator. They've got all the arguments well developed, even justification for outright state sponsored murder. But what they couldn't avoid was the historical records of events in their wake, from the Neocon PNAC document to the Dancing Israelis to the murderous attack on an aid ship headed for Gaza to the filmed documentaries of the treatment of the Palestinians. The alternative media has a large accumulation of historical records that make it clear that Americans have been duped Big Time.

The Zionist project is a complete and utter failure. It has rained misery and despair on millions of people in the Middle East and America, all for the cause of achieving Israel's "security" (that is, domination).

Sure, the Zionists are not alone. They provided the rationale and the arguments, and found willing bedfellows among the rich, who own so much of America and who gain so much from the war machine and politics that go their way. They are scum and heartless bastards, all of them, and the depth of their depravity is still unknown but we're getting to watch it unfold as we speak. They learned well from Stalin and the Nazis, and they've brought that learning into the modern age with computer technology and modern weapons.

These and other arguments fell on deaf ears back in the days of the pump-up for the invasion, but now an historical record has been established, and some very intelligent and noble people are writing about what actually happened - and is happening. They cumulative evidence can no longer be ignored. Our only hope now is that enough people start listening to these alternate information sources before the warmongers make things much, much worse then they already are.

A turning point event that should - must - happen is the trial of Bush & Company for war crimes. Undoubtedly this trial will put the spotlight on the cast of protagonists in and behind that gang. Folks like Wolfowitz, who masterminded the plan from behind the scenes, and the MSM barons who orchestrated the brain-washing of the American people to support their agenda.



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