Saturday, March 22, 2014

Moral injury

Please read A Warrior’s Moral Dilemma

At last, a clear, comprehensive and totally compelling analysis of what serving in war and combat really does to people. Everyone in America - indeed, the world - should read this paper very carefully, digest what it's saying and learn from the very clear lessons.

I think the root problem lies in the fact that people making decisions of our behalf don't have our consent on the most urgent matters of our time. Big Money seized control of our democracy, and a relative handful of barons at the top are doing what pleases them, and they are getting away with doing it in our name. Their MSM counterpart not only sold us on their evil designs, but they got us thanking and honoring their soldiers for their service. See this article for a real life description of what that service actually looks like.

Their projection of the "hero" is now shattered, hopefully forever, by actual historical records and writers like David Wood. Now it's time for all of us to access the situation and do something about it.

The approach I believe will work is to use the Internet to provide the basic mechanics for a money-free, corruption proof, election system. It can be done, and the "open source" approach is the way to do it to insure it's efficacy in all respects. There are thousands, maybe millions, of competent programmers out there, and programmers love to think of new ideas, find holes, etc. They love the challenge, and this system will keep them busy for some time. But, over time it will improve and settle in. It can use, for example, IBM's Watson to help voters identify candidates that match their interests.

And there has to be a "recall" or "no-confidence" feature, to let us boot out fakes and liars should they get into office.


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