Friday, June 27, 2014

Andrew Bacevich

Andrew Bacevich is an astonishing man. His grasp of American foreign policy, and his ability to explain it in words average people can understand leaves him with few peers.

Please see this too-short (22 minute) video interview, available in an article run by the Huffington Post (it's the 2nd video down on the page). Reader comments are always interesting.

It's long been my intention to talk about my favorite thinkers as I discover them. Thanks to the Internet, this learning process has accelerated beyond anything I could imagine as a kid. In those days we had the newspaper, the radio and some television. Today I can sit here, as I often do, and page through my constantly improving list of information sources. What can be learned, and the speed with which this happens, continues to amaze me on an almost daily basis.

Here, today, a perfect example occurred. After listening to Bacevich, I felt like I had been brought to yet another level of understanding because he knew the words to bring it together. To be sure, I'm not saying any of this is new information as his understandings coincide with my own, with so much unsaid that I look forward to more from him, but we'll get to that it seems.

My difficulty, once I had this information, was that I couldn't pass it on. The obstacle I kept running into was going against the grain of the MSM propaganda, who people trusted to their peril as it marched them off to war time and time again.

Andrew Bacevich does have the knowledge and he has the verbal/thinking skills to sort it out and explain it. We are lucky to have him to listen to.


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