Monday, April 4, 2016

My wish list

We need to use the Internet to build a publicly funded election system that allows us to develop the list of issues important to us; allows anyone to run for office with stated positions on our list of issues; helps us match our positions on issues to candidates. I've got a design for such a system to submit, but let the best design win.

My starter list of issues for our new election system

- bust up ownership of the mass media, from 6 players to 600 or 6,000, however many it takes to bring about competition and the free flow of ideas on all subjects.
- end foreign aid to all countries currently receiving it
- contribute heavily to the Red Cross and other relief organizations to help those in need around the world
- increase Peace Corp budget to put 1 volunteer (with a PC and the Internet) in every needy village in the world
- put Bush and the neocons on trial for war crimes. Necessary if America is to be a just country. Have Bush personally visit and apologize to every family that suffered a casualty in the invasion
- withdraw all American military forces from the Middle East
- reduce the size of the Military Industrial Complex to protect America only
- help the EU solve it's problems
- support the UN as the world authority for matters that must be handled at that level.
- tell Israel to settle with Palestinians within 6 months or lose our support
- pump new life into Post Offices by allowing them to do low-level banking functions and to serve as communities centers (as they once did)
- Medicaid for everyone as a minimum standard for health care
- free community college for everyone
- Constitutional amendment guaranteeing privacy
- convert the war on drugs from criminal to medical/mental health issues. See Portugal's example
- tax the top 2% to level the playing field.

This is not a definitive list, just what I believe to be representative of the America spirit if it's voice were heard through the din of the propaganda machine.


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