Saturday, January 28, 2017

I'm astonished!

I was absolutely convinced, beyond a doubt, that the oligarchs had it all setup to get Hillary into office, even going so far as to help "arrange" the election so she would run against Trump. After all, people don't like her, but they like him far less.

And then "BAM", he won.

Certainly not to defend Hillary, but to look at one glaring truth out of the gate: the Electorial COllege corrupts the democratic process. Accepted that the founders instituted this device to guard the country from the uneducated masses. But today people aren't so uneducated. Albeit subject to the propaganda machine 24x7, many people I know have risen beyond the mass media's world view, and they never lost the gut feeling that America should stand for nasic human rights.

Back to Trump ... he won. Amazing!

But amazing in a bad way. I'm still reeling from this event, but every new consideration only serves to deepen the disappointment. It just gets worse and worse. It's already like "what's next?", and it's a scary line of thinking. It's like I don't to know what's next because I know it wouldn't be good.

Maybe there's a bigger plan at work, to get Mike Pense into the office? He's a right wing favorite who couldn't have won the presidential election, but could be seated by getting Trump out (like in a chess game). I don't think I'm overstating the case when I say that Trump will be removed before long. He'll make one to many unpopular decisions, the media will turn against him (like Nixon) and trump up a case for the American people to demand his removal.

No matter how you cut it, America is not going to be served well by Trump (or Pense or Hillary for the matter). We're fucked, to put it mildly. This is shaping up to be the worst chapter in America's history. Just thinking about what that buffoon can do in short order boggles the mind. Think the war in the Middle East is going well? Watch what happens with the Orange Lizard at the helm. Certainly he will not do what needs to be done (starting with putting Bush and the Neocons on trial for war crimes; apologizing and making amends to the people at home and in the countries we've attacked; taxing the 2%; climate change; energy, etc)

If Trump fails to stop the war and turn this massive ship towards justice, there is no other useful decision. He can pull out our forces from the ME or he can double down and raise the stakes. Neither of these courses will make things better. The real question is how much worse will they make things.


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