Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bush-Cheney Assassination Program

Killing Hope, Sowing Terror The Assassination Bureau By MANUEL GARCIA, Jr.

Is Obama Continuing the Bush-Cheney Assassination Program? by Jeremy Scahill

What happens when people realize that the Bush/Cheney/Neocon gang unleashed these hit squads to murder people who are essentially guilty of disagreeing with the gang's policies?

Consider the real effect of these murders on their family and friends. Do you really think that everyone will "run and hide" or do you think they are hearing "a call to Jihad" against what is injust in anyone's religion?

Do you realize the size of the populations we have been sowed hatred in? And now this? Do you understand, do you realize, the injustice they feel?

Remember how we behaved in WWII when Americans really believed in the injustice of the Nazi's and the Japs? Today we're in the opposite role, for it is we who have doled out the injustice.

Middle East policies centered around one-sided support for Israel, such as the treatment of the Palestinians for 60 years, the murder of countless Iraqi's, Afghani's and people throughout the region, not to mention these highly inflamatory assassination squads (would they be recruiting and positioning their own hit squads, perhaps if not before, now?). This report is certain to cause considerable and widespread outrage among countless people.

It was this gang, with their friends in key editorial positions throughout our information supply, who duped us into the invasion of those countries - and the real unbelievable part is they still haven't been stopped. The seizure of American blood and money for their cause goes on today unchecked. Throw some new and unusual faces into the political mix and - you get to start the propaganda machine all over again.

Just turn on any of the major "news" channels and consider the hot stories of today in light of the bigger picture. If you don't know the facts - the other side of the story - check out sites like antiwar, commondreams and counterpunch and others.

It's been at least 8 years now. How many reasonable people think that what's happened in this time is what should have happened? By any stretch?

All weapons that are turned on you are terrible. Modern weapons are terrible beyond any of our imaginations. Yet here we are today, sitting back and doing nothing while monsters like Cheney and the rest of the Neocon gang continue suckering us into carrying on their Middle East crusade.

This is the worst thing that ever happened to this country, going on right now, and the "news" is talking about everything else.

"We wouldn't be fooled again!!" Roared a song from the 60's. So much for that, huh?

We've got to stop them!

Someone once asked "what can I do?"

Turned out to be one of the hardest questions of this whole sordid affair. The best I can come up with is read stories in the alternate websites and talk to people - anyone who will listen. Pick up a pen or a keyboard and write. Just don't do nothing. If you do nothing, then you are indifferent, and that word has been used to describe the opposite of love, which it may well be.


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