Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Obama's Peace Process is Still Going Nowhere

Why Obama's Peace Process is Still Going Nowhere by Ali Abunimah

The Biden and Clinton Mutinies By ALEXANDER COCKBURN

"The Biden and Clinton "foreign" policy is: 1) to recreate the same old Cold War (with a new appendage, the US versus Iran nuclear confrontation) for the same old reasons: to pump up domestic defense spending; and 2) to continue sixty years of supporting Israeli imperialism for the same reasons that every president from Harry to Dubya (perhaps barring Ike) did so: to corner Israel lobby money and votes. Regarding the latter, Obama did the same by grabbing the Chicago-based Crown and Pritzker family money very early in his campaign and by making Rahm Emanuel his very first appointment (the two are hardly unrelated)."


"So right from the start Obama was already an Israel lobby fellow traveler. "


"Hence Biden and Clinton's mutinies, conducted on behalf of the Israel lobby and designed to seize administration policy as Obama's popularity weakens. "


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