Sunday, August 23, 2009

In a Reasoned Debate, Single Payer Will Come Out on Top

In a Reasoned Debate, Single Payer Will Come Out on Top By Laura S. Boylan, M.D., and Joanne Landy, M.P.H.

"Multi-payer, for-profit health insurance adds cost but not value to American health care. Savings of $400 billion a year can be obtained through the conversion to a single-payer system. With the money we are now spending (twice as much per capita as other developed nations), we can provide full service “what you need, when you need it” health care for everyone and control costs going forward."

"Single-payer advocates have been excluded from debate not because our premises or facts are wrong but because special interests, including the private health insurance industry and the big drug companies, have been allowed to define the limits of “politically feasible.” "

"With this deteriorating public dialogue, we should affirm that we can get better health care by sticking together to support single payer. We support meaningful dialogue. We affirm the dignity of all persons and insist that health care is a universal human right."

"Health care is instrumental to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” We continue, as ever, to insist that “everybody in, nobody out” is best for all of us and embodies the best of American values."

The most galling part of this is the fact that our ruling warmongers have already spent and committed our wealth and resources to the sinkhole of their military invasion and crusade for authority in the Middle East. There simply isn't enough left for things like health care.

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