Monday, August 17, 2009

Iraq War's Winners and Losers

Iraq War's Winners and Losers by Sherwood Ross

Ending a report on the winners and losers, Sherwood summarizes:Z

"My hunch, though, is a lot of Americans haven't connected the country's looming bankruptcy with the greedy, gang from the military-industrial complex out to control the planet, its people and its precious resources."

"After the long-suffering civilian population of Iraq, whose crime was having oil - a country Steiglitz says that has been rendered virtually unlivable - the big losers are the American taxpayers who are bleeding income, jobs and quality of life, not just sacrificing family members, on behalf of a runaway war machine. "

"California's plight is being repeated everywhere. A great nation is being looted and millions of its citizens are being pauperized before our eyes."

The Sheikh Down - How the Pentagon bought stability in Iraq by funneling billions of taxpayer dollars to the country's next generation of strongmen. By Shane Bauer


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