Monday, December 14, 2009

How we were lied into Iraq, Part XXXIV

How we were lied into Iraq, Part XXXIV by Justin Raimondo

Justin Raimondo talks about the British inquiry into the Iraq invasion.

"Footnotes were the only way honest analysts inside the British government could record their dissent, and this method was also employed by their American counterparts, who vainly tried to derail our march to war and were outmaneuvered – and effectively silenced – by the neocons. In the US, as Bob Woodward pointed out in his book Plan of Attack, the neocons – who controlled the policymaking apparatus – in effect set up a "separate government," and did an end run around the US intelligence community, establishing what Mother Jones magazine rightly called a "lie factory" to churn out "talking points" based on raw intelligence – such as the ruminations of an anonymous Iraqi taxi driver, whose unverifiable claims were utilized to justify a war that wound up killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis."

The Af-Pak Train Wreck by Conn Hallinan

"One is retired Gen. Igor Rodionov, commander of the Soviet’s 120,000-man 40th Army that fought for 10 years to defeat the Afghan insurgents. In a recent interview with Charles Clover of the Financial Times, he made an observation that exactly sums up the president’s deeply flawed strategy: “Everything has already been tried.”


The military aspect of the surge simply makes no sense. According to U.S. National Security Adviser James Jones, al-Qaeda has fewer than 100 operatives in Afghanistan, so “defeating” it means trying to find a few needles in a 250,000 square-mile haystack.


As for the Taliban, Gen. Rodionov has a good deal of experience with how fighting them is likely to turn out: “The war, all 10 years of it, went in circles. We would come and they [the insurgents] would leave. Then we would leave, and they would return.”

Nobody expects to win in Afghanistan! It was never about winning, it's about diversion, about taking the looking glass off the criminal invasion of Iraq, which it very effectively did. And you don't even have to think a lot about it - it's right there in our face, every day, as we trip, stumble and spiral towards a future far worse then any of us imagined a few short years ago.

Dupe me once, dupe me twice ...

It really pains me to see America being destroyed by this gang - this "conspiracy so vast". But the most startling part is that a lot of people must know something is rotten at the core in Washington, but nobody is doing anything about it. Isn't this what happened in Germany in the 30's, where people gave in to "groupthink" and followed warmongering lunatics?


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