Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama’s War Speech

Obama’s War Speech:An Unconvincing Flop by Justin Raimondo

As usual, Justin Raimondo articulates feelings most Americans, certainly I, have on this subject.

A few points I'd add to Justin's:

1. Did you notice what Obaba didn't do? He didn't turn to the West Point audience and say "some of you are going to die or become crippled for life as a direct result of my decision to escalate rather then withdraw. Other Americans are going to suffer too, and because this decision for more war will likely not end with Afghanistan, even more of you will suffer then any of us realizes today. But you have absolutely nothing to worry about, because my speech-writers will craft just the right words to make you forget all that pain"

2. Doesn't anyone realize that the entire notion of geography, as in seizing and retaining land anywhere, has nothing whatsoever to do with America's problem with Muslim terrorism being directed our way? Our next attackers could as easily come from the Philippines, South America, Asia, etc., and a clever strategist would pick one from each country. We do understand that there are over one billion Muslims spread across the globe, in addition to untold others who have built up a hatred for America's foreign policies? Can they recruit some Vietnamese, Koreans, Japanese?

3. Clearly the neocon gang still runs Washington and is behind these speeches and talking points. This is why Obama spoke like Bush: it's the same handlers, think tanks, financiers and speech-writers.

4. This whole Afghanistan thing is essentially a giant diversion from the monumental debacle of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Nobody thinks Afghanistan can be won in any sense of the word, but it's custom form fit as the right size to replace headlines about Iraq. It's not a coincidence.

5. When is someone going to point out that, as we sink deeper and deeper into the morass of war that this planet is brimming with horrible weapons we must be ridding ourselves of - rather then playing with fire and edging closer and closer to seeing them used?

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