Wednesday, April 7, 2010

War status report

As Iraq Threatens to Come Apart, US Problems in Afghanistan Mount by William Pfaff

During the media's brainwashing pump-up for the invasion of Iraq, it was crystal clear to me that we'd wind up where we are today. And, according to this vision, that war - for military authority in the Middle East, let's be as crystal clear about this - is going to get a lot worse.

Since the beginning of this mess, before 9/11, I've wasted at least half of my time, killing my productivity (which my business has suffered for), to argue against the folly of that invasion. All for naught. All that time and effort changed exactly nothing. Well, I did manage to alienate some friends, family and anyone else who had bought into the nonsense spewing from our information supply, the propaganda machine.

Do I stand vindicated now? Maybe to myself, but otherwise not. People who didn't listen then aren't listening today either. Why is this? In a nutshell it's because people still turn to the TV and, worst case example, Fox News, for their information. Well, the very same people who manipulated information to make that invasion happen haven't gone anywhere - they continue to influence what appears on most American screens in very important ways, and the disaster of that invasion is at the top of their priorities. They haven't run out of excuses, diversions and the other propaganda tricks developed by histories greatest masters of manipulation.

To summarize what it seems too few people are aware: it was the Neocons, the signers of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a gang chuck full of Zionists, who made that invasion happen. They had the right connections in Washington (AIPAC, who controls the gates into Congress), and in our information supply, especially the TV.

If you're not aware, please check out Wolfowitz's history and his mentor, Leo Strauss, at the University of Chicago, and how the resultant Neocon philosophy has been acted out by Washington and our information supply, and most sadly of all, how it remains as powerful as every through this day.

A quote from William Pfaff's piece:

"Iraq under the Sunni tyrant Saddam Hussein, and his Ba’ath Party, was invaded by the United States (at Israel’s urging!) because it was considered a major threat to American interests and security (and in Israel’s case, allegedly to its very existence)."

US War-Fighting Numbers to Knock Your Socks Off by Tom Engelhardt

Read this litany of details on how our money was sucked right out of our pockets for the Neocon cause. If you're poor or struggling, you can relate to these numbers all the more.

NEOCON WARS - Hilarious STAR WARS Parody - Starring RON PAUL & NEOCONS

In case you haven't seen this Star Wars parody, please take an hour and a half or so to watch it. I only came across it today, and it appears to be 2 years old, but it's only more true today then it was then.


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