Friday, April 2, 2010

What War with Iran Means

What War with Iran Means by Patrick J. Buchanan

"Before the War Party stampedes us into yet another war, the Senate should find out if Tehran is really on the "verge" of getting a bomb, and why deterrence, which never failed us, cannot succeed with Iran."

Pat Buchanan is right on the money with his brief analysis on the prospect of attacking Iran.

Recently I've posited on the shift of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan - that the underlying reason is to keep large numbers of American troops in the area and at the ready, once they had to leave Iraq and before they came home. That is, Afghanistan was never about a commitment to win anything, but a place to park troops and equipment and keep them ready for the next round of the war to establish military authority in the region for the benefit of Israel and their minions in Washington.


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