Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many Voices Singing One Song

Many Voices Singing One Song by Philip Giraldi

"There is no deviation from hard right Likud positions, never any criticism of Israel, and always complete agreement on the need to confront Iran militarily. One might reasonably ask to what extent it is a coordinated effort to steer Washington in a certain direction, not unlike the neocons in the Pentagon under President George W. Bush."

Look at this chart showing the number of corporations that control the majority of American media, and then correlate what you see with the results of a google search on "zionist media ownership".

I know about the penetration of important institutions such as Congress and Wall Street by the Zionists, but none are as important as our information supply, including Hollywood and the handful of media machines pointed to above. The media shapes the national discourse and gets to pick and choose what is important and what's not, i.e. they control the issues people think and talk about, they decide what's important and what's not.

What happens when a group of people have this kind of power - and just happen to be arrogant and belligerent? Perhaps it follows that being arrogant and belligerent is a massive competitive edge that leads to riches, especially when competing with the likes of gentle people.

Now consider how massively duped Americans have been to support the invasion of the Middle East (to establish indisputable Israeli/American military authority in the region). Consider for a minute just how short-sighted and outright stupid this crusade has been - and continues to be. Anyone who remembers Vietnam sees the same basic game being played out all over again. One would have to be an idiot - or a total zealot - to even think about such a costly replay of a history-repeats-itself exercise.

Prepared with this information, ask yourself where you think America is headed. I hope that you'll conclude, as I have, that we have to do something about this situation. It's not only factual today, but when viewed as a trend the future is so foreboding as to be in the domain of the unthinkable. Nuclear war in the ME is on the very same path we're blithely being pulled by the nose to follow today.

Think about it: we've launched a military invasion for the purpose of seizing authority over an area. Scale it up or down, from a few countries to the entire Middle East, it's an area smack in the middle of the Muslim mindset, specific borders aside, it's their land. Who thinks we have enough boots on the ground to conquer an area as large and densely populated as the Middle East? Granted, most of the people in the world are peace loving, but if just .0001% of the 1.3 BILLION Muslims hate us (and the number going up by the day), and are bent on our destruction, what are the odds they'll eventually succeed?

I don't like those odds, and I despise the game being played in the first place.

We've been suckered and duped, and we have to put an end to it before it puts an end to what's left of our ideals.

Knowledge is power. And it just so happens to be the only real power we have. No doubt this gang is harvesting the Internet today, and awaiting an event that gives them the excuse to seize authority of the net (for our own good, of course).

To increase your knowledge, your power, and indeed our power once we figure out the best way to link people who share the core beliefs of our founders and the Christian faith (no, not the Christian faith as depicted in the massive media onslaught, but ordinary people with a basic sense of what's right and wrong). I will disclose that Thomas Paine convinced me of the problem with organized religion, and I share his view on the nature of God, but as Chris Hedges points out in this Alternet article that
"... the death of religious institutions will only cement into place the new secular religion of the Last Man, the one that worships military power, personal advancement, hedonism and greed, the one that justifies our callousness toward the weak and the poor."

In my research, I've discovered and follow these respectable/independent websites (in no particular order):

Please check them out yourself. If enough of us do this, we'll have something to rally round.


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