Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Strategic Ally Myth

The Strategic Ally Myth by Philip Giraldi

"It is difficult to understand why anyone would take Mort Zuckerman seriously. He is a New York based but Canadian born Israel firster who made a fortune in real estate before buying The New York Daily News and the US News and World Report. He now fancies himself as a leading journalist and political commentator. Zuckerman is frequently spotted on the television talking head circuit where he dispenses analysis of international events that could have been crafted in Tel Aviv or Herzliya, where the Israeli intelligence service Mossad has its headquarters."

The article proceeds to destroy some of Zuckerman's propaganda, item by item, with verifiable information, thanks to the Internet.

[this is an aside, but relevant: some people aren't convinced of how useful the Internet can be to study facts. Google "uss liberty" and read about just one of the points made by Giraldi here. Then do the same with others, until you've done your own fact checking. Then ask yourself how was it possible that Zuckerman and others have manipulated our information system to give stories like the Libary the "treatment", while never missing a beat to puff Israel].

I'm sure Philip is aware that Zuckerman isn't the only one manipulating America's information supply. Hopefully he'll write about another, and another.

It would be very helpful if Zuckerman responds to Giraldi's article, and the argument grows, with all kinds of facts exposed into a clear high level picture of what's happened to our information supply by the likes of Zuckerman.

The handling of the Liberty wasn't the result of any one person - that took teamwork, a machine. With this clear example of that teamwork in motion, ask what else has the machine "accomplished"? Did it facilitate the invasion of Iraq (that is, the Middle East)? Is it still calling the shots? The exit strategy from Iraq was debated quite a bit, but it was never established that there was no exit strategy because there was going to be no exit. Yet the "debate" played out prominently for a while, as if something was being exposed and corrected. The whole fuss was much to do about nothing, because in the end there was no exit strategy because there will be no exit.

Today, as we await Obama's heralded exit plan implementation. Have you noticed that all of a sudden violence is on the upswing? Why that might delay the plan!

Consider this reasoning: that the people who didn't create an exit strategy in the first place still have positions of power. Now, do you recall the trumpeted "surge", and how it stopped much of the fighting in Iraq? Are you aware that the reason it "worked" was because they put the Sunni's on a monthly payroll. Does it take a stretch of imagination to see what could be done if those monthly checks were replaced by money for weapons to start fighting again? Ask yourself: what will renewed fighting do to Obama's exit plan? And consider who doesn't want us to leave Iraq (or any occupied territory)?

I say let's collect the facts in some coherent presentation format, under the auspices of this argument between Giraldi and Zuckerman, to expose the propaganda machine for what it is, and at the same time help to usher in the "new breed of editors" we so badly need. This case will prove beyond a doubt - to all but Zuckerman and his cronies - that we know we can no longer trust our information supply in the hands Zuckerman and his friends. We tried it, and look where it got us.

Zuckerman and his gang are extremely aggressive, no holds barred competitors. They believe that might makes right, the ends justify the means, and even God's own commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is irrelevant to the cause. Winning is all that matters. Machiavelli is a hero. Money is King.

We don't want these people running America, vis a vis control of it's information supply - or any other way for the matter.

America's future is at stake, because this gang is leading us to ruin. Their fucking war in the ME isn't getting any better, and will undoubtedly get worse. Think about it: what would "winning" look like, anyway? And who would do the giving up? No, this is a forever war, to seize and maintain control over as much land as possible in the ME. It's also the stupidest thing America has ever done (been duped into).


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