Monday, July 19, 2010

Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan in ruins

Leaving Iraq The Ruin They'll Leave Behind By PATRICK COCKBURN

"American troops leave behind a country that is a barely floating wreck.
Iraq is full of people who have little left to lose and have a deep anger towards a government which they see as being run by a kleptomaniac elite gobbling up Iraq's oil revenues. As in Lebanon and Afghanistan, where disparities in wealth are also huge, class hatred and religious differences combine to exacerbate the hatred felt between and within communities. The anger of the dispossessed explains the savagery of the looting of Baghdad in 2003, as people poured out of the slums of Sadr City to plunder government ministries and offices."

Afghanistan in Ruins by ANTHONY DiMAGGIO

A clip from the bottom of the article speaks to the core problem: manipulation of our information supply, the elephant in the room.

"The story of growing U.S. deaths, however, has remained largely under the radar in the American press, which has rarely featured any stories about the historical levels casualties since it first emphasized the topic in late 2009. It appears that journalists have learned well the lesson not to “rock the boat” for a war in which both parties are strongly supportive, despite the growing public rebellion."

How Bank of America Got Away With a Huge Swindle By DAVE LINDORFF

"It’s the old story: steal a loaf of bread for a family and go to jail for years. Deceive national regulatory authorities and steal from a generation of pension investors and get a Troubled Asset Relief Program handout of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds."

Israel: a Failing Colonial Project? By M. SHAHID ALAM

As usual (as is my criteria for linking to any article), this is an exceptionally well thought out and written piece. Every point is consistent with an abundance of readily found information.

"In the end, the alternative to this orderly dismantling of Zionism is a destructive war in the Middle East that may not be limited to the region. Whatever else happens, it is unlikely that Israel or US interests in the Middle East will survive such a war."


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