Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Superhighway To Hell

Superhighway To Hell By Stephen Saunders

Read this interesting article to see where the Internet is headed if we don't do something about it.

The core ingredient of this projection - and others like it - is the issue of privacy, something the framers of our Constitution didn't even think about, for good reason, but we now damn sure better be thinking about.

What we need is Constitutionally protected privacy, nothing less. How would it work? If anyone stores information about you, you'll have the right to know exactly what that information is, and you'll have the right to challenge that information from being used or published without your consent.

If you don't own information about you, then you're mince meat for the machine.

I've spent some 40 years programming computers, long aware that these machines are nothing less then a giant two-edged sword. In the simplest of terms, they can be the greatest invention of all time, or the very worst. The key and decisive issue is the matter of privacy. Since we've losing this right without even realizing it, it's now time to wake up and do something before, as Stephen Saunders correctly points out, we find ourselves in a world we don't want to live in.

The cost of war

Click the above link to watch how fast your money flies out of your pocket and into the sink-hole. A million bucks every few minutes.

Do something! Anything! Write letters, blogs, talk with your family, your friends, anyone who will listen. We must stop the loss of our children, our privacy and our bank accounts at the hand of what can only be called evil people.


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