Thursday, January 13, 2011

America Alone

America Alone by Ted Galen Carpenter

"Nation-building missions and armed democracy-promotion ventures are not essential to America's security. We do not need, and should not want, any more Iraqs or Afghanistans. More than 5,000 dead Americans and nearly $2 trillion down the drain ought to deter Washington from pursuing similar schemes in the future."

The trust of this article is about how Britain is no longer going to be sending troops on military adventures. Not much is being said yet about the fate of the very much ongoing invasion of the Middle East.

What big events do we have to look forward to? either a withdrawal in defeat or a major escalation and all-out war, and (2) one way or the other, the ongoing and massive propaganda campaign disassociating the Neocons from any shred of culpability for the launching of the greatest military disaster in American history.

What should we be looking forward to? How about we start with the trial of George W. Bush for murder, and take the proceeds of that trial to bag the rest of the gang.

Then fix our foreign policy.

And while we're at it, read Thomas Paine's Age of Reason.


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