Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Military Spending is Untouchable

Why Military Spending is Untouchable By ANDREW BACEVICH

This is one of those articles you'll have to read in it's entirety to understand what's being said. Powerful stuff for people who can get their mind around what's important.

How Will It All End? Posted by David G

From the reader replies:

Mark Twain, a man I have great respect for became more and more bitter as he grew old. His book “The Mysterious Stranger” features an end of the world scenario and he has some choice comments about the hypocrisy of Christians as well. One scene involves the Stranger who is an extraordinary being called Number 44 who apparently knows everything. He is befriended by a pious young man named Augustus who asks him at one point if he is a Christian. 44 answers that he is not but if he was he would be very lonely. Augustus is surprised and asks why. Knowingly 44 answers, “because I would be the only one.”

Dangerous Creation is a blog worth following.

The Road to National Suicide by Philip Giraldi

"It is not often that one sees an entire nation marching in lockstep to go over a cliff into an abyss, but that is essentially what the United States is doing at the moment. Not only have there been strong hints from the Obama Administration that the US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan will go on into the dim future, but there is also no sign of any necessary course correction in other areas. Israel, backed by Washington, continues its reckless policies and may be cranking up for a new war against Lebanon and Syria with the ultimate objective of involving its American patron in fighting against Iran."


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