Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our Collapsing Economy and Currency

Our Collapsing Economy and Currency by Paul Craig Roberts

This article should be read, studied, thought about and acted on.

It ends with:

"No one in the White House and no more than one dozen members of the 535 member US Congress represents the American people. This is the reason that despite obvious remedies nothing can be done. America is going to crash big time.

And the rest of the world will be thankful. America along with Israel is the world’s most hated country. Don’t expect any foreign bailouts of the failed “superpower.”"

If you get to the end of this article, you will have read the part where Mr Roberts
offers a 2 part solution.

"The solution is to reverse the outward flow of jobs and to bring them back to the US

The second part to the solution is to end the expensive unfunded wars that have ruined the federal budget for the past 11 years as well as future budgets"


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