Friday, January 18, 2013

Noam Chomsky on American Empire

7 Brilliant Insights from Noam Chomsky on American Empire By Laura Gottesdiener

To which, a reader 'Moszep' replies:

"The main thrust of the article-i.e. issues with American hegemony- is Chomsky at his best. He accurately argues how these serious issues that have driven much recent history. It should be noted that under the heading of Globalization he points out that it is not just the American government pushing for this. I think many people overlook this to rationalize anti-American rhetoric.

I would like to hear what solutions Chomsky offers?

Better still, I would like to hear what solutions readers here have to offer. How do we change this world for the better? What realistic, viable, sustainable solution do we have?"

And I reply to him:

The solution, when you think it through, is to remove money from the election process. This way we can elect people who actually do represent us and our attitude about the world around us. Believe it or not, the majority of people (anywhere) are "builders", while those with the power today are "destroyers" (people are one or the other: C. G. Jung). This is a fundamental difference in attitude between the American people and it's rulers. It must be reversed and control over our country and our destiny must be returned to the people - before it's too late. We are on a trajectory today that is going where none of us want to go. Only destroyers want to stay the course. Time and time again the majority of people have said they don't want war, but they send their children to battle anyway. We can't openly rebel because they'll jail us all,but we can vote them out by fixing the election system. Do it as a world-wide open source software project, bringing the smartest programmers together to solve the relatively few vexing problems involved with setting up, operating, protecting and overseeing the system. The software would be the property of the UN, and individual countries can use it or not.

[ed note: I wrote this in 10 minutes because right now I'm too busy to spend the hours it would take to write it better, and I just never seem to find that much extra time; so I decided to just type the chain of thoughts, to at least contribute something. Maybe someone will have a thought that will lead to a thought, etc. Maybe not.


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