Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bradley Manning

Statement on Verdict in Bradley Manning Court-Martial by Julian Assange

Bradley Manning is 1st an American Citizen and second a soldier. He should have been tried in a civilian court because - obviously - there is no way he could have received a fair trial by the military, the very organization his whistle-blowing exposed as a matter of his own conscience and for the sake of America and humanity.

It's we-the-people who should determine whether Bradley Manning was a criminal or a hero, and certainly not the very organization he exposed. Whistle-blowing cases can never be judged by those affected. That's common sense!

In America the military reports to civilian authority, not the other way around as it is in some countries. This means we get to give the military it's marching orders, albeit through our representatives, but orders nonetheless. In this case, there should be an order issued to turn Bradley Manning over to civilian authorities for trial.

Another possibility is that the military appeals court (presumably a more noble group) will acknowledge that he couldn't have gotten a fair trial by the military and throw it out.


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