Thursday, July 25, 2013

Edward Snowden

As Review Continues, Snowden Still Stuck in Moscow Airport by Jason Ditz

If you're concerned about the state of affairs with America these days, you'll certainly be interested in the saga of Edward Snowden.

Here's what I think:

1. He can't get a fair trail in America. The Justice system is packed with political subservience to the ruling elite. If you need proof consider the difficulties Vincent Bugliosi is having bringing his crystal clear case against George W. Bush.

2. That leaves the U.N. and the International Criminal Court. I'm not sure which, and I'm definitely not promoting the "new world order", but it does seem that, in this case, the best venue for this trial is the world stage, since the behavior he exposed affects people around the world.

3. A trial is necessary to give Mr. Snowden his life back, which is the least he deserves for all he's done for us.

4. Above and beyond the fate of Mr. Snowden - as he would undoubtedly say himself - is the importance of the information he risked everything to share with us. Our privacy is a basic human right that isn't in the Bill of Rights because the authors could not possibly have foreseen the technological advances of modern times, else they certainly would have given the matter of privacy the attention it now requires. This is an extremely important issue to us, even if we don't fully realize it today.

Update: 8-1-13 Please, PLEASE read Snowden’s Father Calls Out Obama On Nuremberg Crimes by Kurt Nimmo which contains a letter from Edward Snowden's father to Obama. It's moving, compelling and is not available in the mainstream media ("Predictably, the corporate media, the official propaganda outlet for the establishment, has refused to post or publish an open letter sent to Obama by Lon Snowden, the father of Edward Snowden.")


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