Saturday, December 14, 2013

China, a land of opportunity

The Blob Hits China by Robert Hunziker

In this very interesting and informative article, Mr. Munziker presents an image of China that certainly extended my knowledge of the causes and consequences of pollution in China. Indeed.

Yet another world killer! God, there must be 10 of them by now. Is it me, the biases at the top of the MSM and their alter egos in the alternative media, or are these reports "the way it is" and we have to individually sort it out?

Well, despite all of the most imminent threats to civilization, we're still here.

Back to this article: as well written as it is, it misses a high note: it describes a collection of clearly defined opportunities!

Capitalism sure has it's warts, but one of it's good parts is that it breeds people who think, have ideas, and can find ways to fund at least some of the good ones. How hard do you think it would be to match up the challenges described in this article with ideas and businesses (and jobs) to provide the solutions?

Let's see: how many factories and jobs would it take to build enough solar panels, windmills and hydro-electric plants in China to bring down the number of fossil fuel power sources?

I'm not saying this is *the* idea, but I am saying that at least one person has an even better one. Let capitalism get some respect back by taking on this and the other pollution problems in China and elsewhere.


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