Saturday, December 7, 2013

Noteworthy articles

I've limited my attempts at original writing here, simply because there are better informed, educated and talented people writing exactly my sentiments, so my job is made considerably easier by simply reading what they have to say, and when I read something that's particularly relevant or important I will make an effort to quote and link to them here.

Today's examples include these 2 articles:

They Died for Nothing
by Sheldon Richman

"What this means is that the sacrifices of America’s military personnel — not to mention the warcrimes committed against the Afghan people — were for no good reason whatever. It would be wrong, however, to say they were for no reason at all. Many Americans in and out of government have garnered immense wealth and power thanks to U.S. policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. War is a racket."

Terrorism 101 by Philip Giraldi

"Osama bin Laden once stated his intention to use the terrorism threat to bankrupt the United States and the evidence is that he may have succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. The cost of Homeland Security, to include the portion of defense and security budgets that are dedicated to counter-terrorism, is immense possibly approaching as much as one trillion dollars a year if state and local initiatives are included in the tally. Against that, only seventeen Americans were killed in terrorist incidents in 2011, most of which took place in war zones to include Afghanistan."


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