Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prosecutions for torture: 2 points

Capturing the essence of why Obama isn't pursuing prosecutions of the guilty, Chris Floyd writes in The Fatal Thread the following:

"This is one reason why Barack Obama is so obviously reluctant to tug on the torture thread too hard. If you tear it out, with full-scale prosecutions and top officials locked up behind bars, the whole rotten skein would fall apart. Once you start genuinely subjecting government officials – including security apparatchiks and military brass – to the full extent of the law, there would be no end to the unraveling: senators, contractors, representatives, bureaucrats, generals, lobbyists, judges, corporate chiefs – the whole edifice of Establishment power would be shaken to the core as its leading lights went down, one after the other."

The other point, which towers over the torture issue (as terrible as it is), is the illegal invasion of Iraq, which is the really big, monster crime of our age.


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