Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Torture in the grand scheme of things

I've been extremely busy lately, but I still go through my morning reading list, and some of the things I'm seeing are just too important not to talk about and forward to the best of our ability.

One such article this morning is Cheney's Twisted World By Andy Worthington, about the duping of America and the UN behind the invasion of Iraq.

And a the general comment about the attention given to torture, which is a terrible thing, of course, but the whole matter pales in comparison to the gigantic crime of the invasion of Iraq, the murdering it involved, and the hundreds of thousands of people's who were maimed and/or had their lives destroyed by that greatest-of-all crime.

How it is possible that America's attention is focused on torture instead of the really monstrous crime of that invasion? As a commenter wrote this morning in reply to this article on CommonDreams:

"Everyone in DC is doing what they believe will get them reelected...there are no principles involved here. Almost ALL Washington players answer to a higher power: ZIONISTS, because zionists control the media, thus have the key to EVERYONE'S reelection...WITHOUT EXCEPTION. STOP MEDIA CONTROL!"

Another interesting - compelling - article and this one.


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ginaarnold said...

Principles are important!