Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Forty-Year Drone War

Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Forty-Year Drone War by Nick Turse

"There is no evidence that the drones are breaking the back of either the Taliban (Afghan or Pakistani) or al-Qaeda in our distant wars, but plenty of evidence that they are helping to destabilize Pakistan and create intense anti-American feelings there. Now, as Secretary of Defense Robert Gates indicated on arriving in Pakistan last week, we are thinking of giving the Pakistanis their own unarmed surveillance drones, while from Iran to China, Israel to Russia, powers everywhere are rushing to enter the age of 24/7 robotic assassination along with, or just behind, us. You might think that this would give the Pentagon pause, but a prospective arms race just gets the blood there boiling, and when it comes to Terminator-style war, as Nick Turse indicates below, the U.S. Air Force has plans. Boy, does it ever! Tom "

You don't have to be a genius to connect the dots here. The Neocon-led warmongers are doing exactly what will lead to further escalation of their war. That's what they want because they need something to rally the troops over, and are taking these actions knowing what to expect. They aren't ignorant of history. Try to imagine how you'd feel living under these weapons. Ordinary people who dont' know anything about politics are coming out of the woodwork to become our enemies. There mere thought of robots killing people should make your hair stand up too! People will not tolerate institutional level injustice, and that's exactly what has infected our information supply, government and Wall Street.

This warlike behavior is deliberate and intentional. War, belligerence, arrogance, fear and hatred go right to core of their existence. But they word things so cleverly, they not only get away with it, but they have so many ordinary people duped it's astonishing.

At the core of their enterprise is our greatest vulnerability: our information supply, the so-called 'mass media'. If you've ever wondered why Israel is treated so favorably by our information supply, Google "who controls the media" and read all about it. Of course we don't believe everything we read on the Internet, so we dig enough until we're satisfied we've seen the big picture - which of course means considering all arguments. I believe the case can be made that their arguments are well known, because they are the positions taken in our information supply. What's not been presented is the other point of view, which if you will take the time to look, overwhelms their arguments. If every American had this information, the Neocon gang would be on trial today for murder and war crimes.


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