Friday, January 29, 2010

Tony Blair is a pig

When I first saw Tony Blair talking on TV, I was pretty impressed. He seems like such a nice, like-able guy.

What happened since? Well, here's an article about his testimony at the Chilcot inquiry Blair Defends Iraq War, Citing 9/11 Eyes Similar Upcoming War With Iran by Jason Ditz

"Incredibly, the former prime minister was totally unrepentant over the war"

So much for like-able guys!

Blair belongs on trial for murder and war crimes, right alongside his pal Bush and the Neocon gang.

On the subject of a trial, I have read Vincent Bugliosi's book on prosecuting Bush for murder, and he does make the case clearly enough. As expected, there's a news blackout on this subject, but I still would have thought at least one progressive-minded publisher with a following would have picked up the story and kept it alive until Bugliosi finds a prosecutor willing to take the case on. Such uniformity in keeping Bugliosi down can only suggest that nobody wants to start pulling strings that will unravel what amounts to a completely corrupt system in Washington. Start pulling strings like this, and they all come down. Isn't that amazing? We grew up believing in an America that has a sense of morality, only to find it exists in clever-speak lip service only.

I did find this article from last year that has some current comments, but c'mon, a proposal of this magnitude coming from a highly respected legal mind with an outstanding track record - and an excellent case - belongs on the front burner, don't you think?

Update: Read what people are saying about Blair

Update II: Where Is Our Chilcot? by Kelley B. Vlahos

Update III: The Case Against Tony Blair By Patrick Cockburn


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