Friday, January 22, 2010

Ignoring Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis

Ignoring Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis by Juan Cole

"There is a virtual news blackout on this atrocity in the US mass media"

This mention, the "news blackout", While intended to support the subject at hand, it's also quite the tip of an iceberg. Imagine being able to control the message delivered - over and over again - by what amounts to our information supply. What else could be done with control like that? If this "blackout" isn't evidence enough that our information supply is controlled and manipulated, just what would it take to convince you? When you think about the Big Lies that have us living in a fog deceit, and the terror unleashed in our name. Once you realize that America has been massively duped by Israeli operatives, you see they've been busy not only working our information supply, but from Wall Street to K street. Here's a Ron Paul video, I hope you take the time to watch.

"As Turkey has democratized and Muslim sentiments have become more important in its politics, and as it has increasingly emerged as a new Middle Eastern power (some speak of neo-Ottomanism), its concern with issues such as Gaza has become more central. The horrible condition of the Gazans is often the lead story on Arab satellite news channels such as al-Jazeera, and public anger about it (expressed as much toward the US and the Egyptian regime as toward Israel) is at a boiling point. That anger feeds into terrorism against the West. The Gaza blockade is isolating Israel and fuelling a widespread boycott movement in Europe, Canada and South Africa."