Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Reporting" on Iran should seem familiar

"Reporting" on Iran should seem familiar By Glenn Greenwald

Excellent article on media hype regarding Iran, and more.

At the end, in an update, is a link to Glenn's interview on the Joe Scarborough show which examines this situation.

Obama’s Neverending Afghan Adventure by Brian Doherty

Honest in the Worst Way by Philip Giraldi

"McConnells and Chertoffs have always been around. During the Civil War contractors in Philadelphia made army boots out of cardboard and uniform jackets that fell apart after being worn once or twice. Trying to make money off of government contracts goes back even farther than that with Cicero having prosecuted corrupt governors who robbed the treasury of the Roman Republic. Today’s snake oil vendors will always be with us, particularly as both Republicans and Democrats appear to be enamored of the war on terror which will apparently go on forever and everywhere. As it is global and terror is a tactic you can bet it will never end until it bankrupts the United States, which just might come sooner than most people think likely.

What is lacking is any restraint on the activity of the promoters of the war economy. The salesmen for total war would not be so dangerous if they were not portrayed as experts and given a platform to parlay their former government positions into private gain. A skeptical media would be nice, asking hard questions about what financial interests former senior government officials might have. But we are long past the point where we might expect the media to do its job or do anything at all but promote the long war, which presumably sells newspapers and ad time on television."


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