Saturday, March 20, 2010

They bet our farms, you know

A military invasion of the Middle East, to establish authority in the region, with Iraq to be the first conquest on the list that included neighboring countries, was the Neocon plan from the beginning.

If you don't believe or understand this, a little Googling with provide all the facts and evidence you need to see it together for yourself. You can even Google on "neocon videos" and have it explained without having to read.

It's seven years later and the plan has been an obvious and monumental failure. We have established fear and contempt in the hearts of millions of people, but not authority.

Like the baby only a mother can love, the plan is still the plan for it's parents. What we're missing is an appreciate the depth of the commitment and the power it's parents have.

There is no way in the world that the Neocons are going to accept a withdrawal of the American military from the Middle East. Doing so would be tantamount to defeat, because once those troops are pulled out, they wouldn't go back any faster then they'd go back to Vietnam. With the troops gone and not likely to return, Israel would then find it's neighborhood more threatening and dangerous then it was before the invasion. Without American troops in the neighborhood, how will we protect Israel from it's enemies? Will we send in drones and air strikes on unidentifiable people in a dozen or so countries? How long will that go on, and how many people will it infuriate, including Americans?

So, here we are today, seven years after raining all that death and destruction on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and still with hundreds of thousands of troops and mercenaries on the ground. What to do?

Enter Afghanistan. A place where victory can't even be defined, more less achieved. Why are a hundred thousand American troops (and probably an equal number of mercenaries) being placed there, then? An attention diverter? See this excellent article about the Forgotten War. Maybe Afghanistan is just being used as a parking lot for the troops, to keep them deployed in the area until the next incident that re-ignites the war plan?

How hard it is to make an incident?
Vincent Bugliosi makes the case that Bush (and implicitly the Neocon gang) is guilty of murder. Would people capable (and culpable) of murder stop at anything at all to protect themselves? Imagine what they can do with unlimited money, vast resources, amazing technologies, and the power to manipulate people and events?

The point of this post is to call attention to the "they bet our farms, you know" thought, because if that war goes bad, your farm is somewhere down that road. Exactly what the next incident will look like is anyone's guess, but if we-the-people can't find a way to stop them, any escalation at all will only breed more escalation, as we should have learned from history.

The best way, I think, to stop them is to follow Vincent Bugliosi, see put Bush on trial for murder.
All he needs is a federal prosecutor to take on the case. Since prosecutors report up the chain of command, there is reluctance on their part, but it only takes one, and he/she would be an instant hero. What's happened was a grave miscarriage of justice that must have it's day in a court of law if we hope to recover from the damage they've caused with that invasion.

Going after Bush first makes perfect sense. This approach starts with the person at the center of the scheme and unravels it from the inside out. That should work.


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