Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big problems, clear solutions. It's up to you

Proposition: Fix our election process and our information supply, and the rest will follow. 

Problem: Control of our government has been seized by special interests, and has grown so far removed from the concept of by/for/of the people that virtually everyone sees it, but since every major organization has been bought out (PBS being just one more perfect example!), we lack the organization to do anything. There are likely bunches of qualified leaders out there - we just don't know about them (think Ron Paul and how the machine dealt with during the so-called "debates")

Solution: Each and every one of us 300 million people need to do SOMETHING. I don't care if it's talking to a neighbor, writing a blog, challenging the propaganda machine, or any other thing you can come up with. It wouldn't be the weight of your effort that changes anything, it will be the combined weight of millions of people. If we all just jumped on one foot at the same time, we'd probably knock the Earth of our orbit, or certainly be felt around the world. If you're not doing anything at all today, start with just one thing.

With so many people talking, writing and communicating, SOMETHING will come into existence that will help us get to the next stage of organization, and then we can be - at long last - a truly democratic state with a gov't of/by/for the people.

Problem: Our information supply, the so-called mainstream media, is a giant propaganda machine, under editorial control of a handful of people who get to 'snuff' and 'puff' the issues, which results in a completely biased ("right wing") point of view that's been eating our country and way of life.

You know why Europe has a different attitude then America? It's all about information and who controls the editorial content. 

Solution: read alternate websites like  alternet, truthdig, counterpunch, antiwar, commondreams and others (and pass around links to these websites to your family and friends!)


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