Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Neo-Cons Became Honorary Christians

How Neo-Cons Became Honorary Christians By LAWRENCE SWAIM

The Middle East is a ticking bomb. "Oh," someone will say "how could it be a ticking bomb when we're already at war?".

True, we have invaded and occupy two countries so far, but it's not YET a real war because most people in America aren't personally affected by it. It's only a very tiny percentage of families who have kin engaged in the war who are actually feeling it, the rest of America is more concerned with jobs, the economy and whatever "major news" stories of the day break out.

But this status quo will change. The dogs are out, and while they are still contained "over there", the underlying, driving forces have taken a life of their own, as happens with war.

It's very clear that too few of us remember what war actually is, and far too many are willing to put up with and even romanticize it. Be that as it may, the dogs are out and they're running all over the Middle East. It is only a matter of time before things get worse, far worse, first "over there" and eventually - nobody knows when - the devastating consequences of war come home with the chickens to roost.

As anyone who has given any serious thought to the invasion of the Middle East knows, it was fueled and sparked by the Neocons and their sympathizers, especially and particularly in our information supply, the people who frame our national narrative. If you've read anything I've written on the subject in the last decade or so, you'll know that I'm completely and totally against this gang, and as you might guess been stuck with the anti-semite sword as a consequence. Fine. I don't care. I care about America and the world at large. I care about peace and building, and I see mankind's future in space exploration, not to mention repairing our own planet. Everything I see and want is negated by the onslaught of this gang's mind-numbing activities.

The following is from another excellent article on the subject. I'm very pleased to see such intellectual heavyweights gaining momentum if only on alternate websites today. The power of their truth cannot be stifled by Neocon filters over our information supply.

"The neo-con approach to problem-solving is no longer rational, or based on enlightened or even informed self-interest, but has become an apocalyptic movement based on identification with the Holocaust, driven by an almost complete internalization of its trauma and an ever-present and semi-hysterical death worship of the six million. The basic neo-conservative idea is that both America and Israel must exist in a state of permanent war, an idea that neo-cons first expressed in their public letter to Netayahu in 1996 pleading against a peace deal with the Palestinians. But what country can remain in a state of permanent war? Why is that better than peace? Permanent war is an abomination, and people who believe in it are insane.

The apocalyptic, victimology-driven Jewish neo-cons who want permanent war do not flinch for a moment at the potential loss of Jewish lives; indeed, they have lived for years in a moral and emotional universe in which it is assumed as self-evident that the world hates the Jews, everybody is against them, and a new Holocaust is on the way. In fact it is so self-evident and so necessary to their weltanschauung that the neo-cons that believe in it will do almost anything to make it happen.

The more Jews that die: the more children murdered: the more the neo-cons can trumpet to the world that everybody really does hate them. Their solution is an apocalyptic one, borrowed from the most hysterical and blood-obsessed form of Christianity, but going the Christians one step better—to the neo-cons the objective is not to win the Final Battle, but to lose it, thereby acting out to ecstatic completion the total authenticity of their victim status. The apocalyptic solution is, at bottom, a dangerous, narcissistic form of public suicide that seeks the destruction of the world as its answer to the paradoxes of the human dilemma."


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